Albright – not so bright?

Albright - not so bright?

Albright - not so bright

Madeleine Albright
Madeleine Albright

We have recently entered the year 2000, when many of the New
World Order plans will come to fruition.

A key player in the whole scenario, of course, is the United
States of America which has the two strange Illuminati seals on the reverse side
of every one of their dollars post 1933.

The Secretary of State, a woman called Madeleine Albright was
referred to in a recent copy of our Omega Times suggesting that the scene
hasn’t moved quickly enough as the plan must be fulfilled.

Although she has done quite well according to the average man
on the street, obviously there is a plan to get rid of her and replace her with
somebody more conducive to World Government.

We quote from the New Zealand Herald, 30 March 2000. Albright
called poor diplomatic performer.
“As her tenure as Secretary of State
winds down, Madeleine Albright is coming under increasing fire from critics
questioning her diplomatic style and ability to represent United States foreign
policy interests…

The Washington Post report quoted academics and
present and former US officials as saying Albright, the first female Secretary
of State and highest-ranking woman ever in US government, is “insecure,” “indifferent”
and “obsessed by her public image.”….

The front-page Post story followed a similar piece in
the New York Times in December that said Albright’s influence in
Washington had ebbed and she had been eclipsed in power by National Security
Adviser Sandy Berger.

While Washington is noted for its political back-stabbing,
particularly as an Administration enters its waning months… most powerful
newspapers lamented the fact that since some initial successes as Secretary of
State, Albright has failed to get positive results in key areas…” End

And then again in the Dominion newspaper, 10 April 2000. Her
future is not all bright.
“One day last month Madeleine Albright, arguably
the most powerful woman in the world, had her breakfast spoiled. The United
State’s first woman Secretary of State may have been tempted to call her
friend Vaclay Havel in Prague, the city of her birth, and accept his suggestion
that she succeed him as president of the Czech Republic in 2003…

Talk about the kiss of death, Washington is a power town, the
Post its bible and perceived political impotence an invitation to the
vultures. A second-term administration begins to die on the afternoon of the
president’s inauguration, but Ms Albright’s epitaph has come months before
the next election..” End Quote.

Now regarding the presidency and the present contenders,
it is important that we draw attention to the fact that George. W Bush has
frightened the World Government leaders by his statement that he has a strong
personal belief in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.

This could possibly thwart his efforts to reach the
presidency, as the last man they want in power is someone who has made Jesus
Christ their Lord and Saviour.

At the moment these folk are now looking at Arizona Senator
John McCain who is definitely not a born-again Christian. If elected President
he will continue to bring in the New World Order. Although Governor George. W
Bush had millions more in the way of funds to promote his campaign it is not the
people of America who choose their president, but those who are controlling
their formation of a One World Government. Please make this very clear by
reading our books and there you will see that President Reagan was spoken of in
Webster’s Dictionary as the next president of America even before the
elections were held.

However, we believers are confident that whoever takes over
the reigns of power at this particular time in history, whether it be President
or Secretary of State will certainly not upset the plans of Almighty God in any
way whatsoever. We read in Psalm 75:6-7. “For promotion cometh neither from
the east, nor from the west, nor from the south. But God is the judge, he
putteth down one, and setteth up another.”

It is clear that a promotion does not come from the East,
West or South, it must come from the North and that is the throne room of
Almighty God. Psalm 48:2. “Beautiful for situation, the joy of the whole
earth, is mount Zion, on the sides of the north, the city of the great King.”