Lawyers and Accountants Join Forces

Lawyers and Accountants Join Forces

Lawyers and accountants join forces

Under the New World Order plan, the merging of companies and
big business is essential, as centralisation is the name of the game.

We quote from the Business Herald, 29 March 2000, Lawyers,
accountants join forces.
"One of the country's largest law firms,
Kensington Swan, will be absorbed into accountancy firm KMPG's tiny legal
division to give it access to a global business network.

Kensington Swan chairman Denham Shale said the pace of change
in business around the world and consolidation of the legal industry were the
drivers behind the deal...

"We had to take into account that the law environment was
changing in New Zealand and we needed to be more global in our attitude and
ability to operate," he said....

"The market's a lot tougher these days," said Mr Isaac.

"It's very much a part of our international strategy to
grow as quickly as possible... when you're small you don't have the same
depth of services."...

KPMG operates legal divisions in about 60 countries,
including Australia, and is expected to employ almost 3000 lawyers by the end of
the year." End Quote.