Masons Welcome Children

Masons Welcome Children

Masons welcome children

Readers of our newspaper and books, also listeners to our
lectures will be very clear in their minds, that Freemasonry in the upper
degrees is very intimately linked with the formation of the global government.

We have discovered that one of the final secrets of
Freemasonry is the statement spoken by Albert Pike, a 33rd degree
mason in America, who said "Lucifer is God, but unfortunately Adoni is also

These people believe in a dualistic godhead which is
certainly not taught in the Word of God, the Bible.

As a result of much of this Luciferian knowledge being
revealed to the public, those who are wise are no longer showing any interest in
joining the society. Therefore we were not surprised to read in the Evening
Post, 14 January 2000, Masons to welcome children. "Freemasons in
Bristol are considering plans to invite children to meetings at the Provincial
Grand Lodge.

Less than a year after the first women were allowed to
accompany their partners, members are pressing for the rules to be changed

If it is agreed, it would represent an astonishing break with
a tradition which has gone largely unchanged for centuries.

But with the number of members declining, supporters say it
is the only way forward for the ancient craft.

Vic Beresford, Wishful Master of the Matthew Lodge, said: "Masonry
cannot afford to stand still..."

The Grand Lodge of England was formed in 1717 and grew until
the future Kings George IV and William IV were initiated in 1787.

Today, there are about 500,000 members in Britain and another
five million around the world, all of them male...

Although the ceremonies are still exclusively male-dominated,
wives and partners attend post-ritual dinners in the Grand Lodge..." End

We were pleased to note the statement that the number of
members are declining, which is heartening news indeed!

It is to be noted that any article we write about Freemasonry
is not in any way critical of it's members, who generally are ignorant as to
the true purpose of this organisation, ie, to put Lucifer on the throne of the

We at our office recently received a newsletter from Gary H
Kah, dated December 1999, an interesting article headed up this particular paper
and we quote it in part herewith. Under the title What will the future bring?
""You have until the year 2000!" That's what a friend of ours was told
by her father several years ago. Our friend, knowing that her father had been a
high level Freemason for many years, was probing him about his involvement in
"the Lodge." She was asking him penetrating questions about his personal
knowledge of Freemasonry, its purpose and goals. He remained tight-lipped
throughout his daughter's questioning, refusing to reveal any special
knowledge he might posses. Frustrated with her relentless pursuit, he finally
blurted out, "All I'll say is you have until the Year 2000." A few weeks
later he died -– seemingly of grief. His wife said she heard him crying in bed
at night on repeated occasions in the days prior to his death.

What did this Freemason from Alabama know about the new
millennium? Could he have been referring to a looming crisis that will change
the world as we know it? Or could he have known about some sinister plan that
would come to fruition in or around the year 2000?..." End Quote.

Of this we at this newspaper are clear that the plan was
called by George Bush 'New World Order', and by Jimmy Carter before him 'Global

No doubt this is a very significant year with the visit of
the Pope to Israel for the first time in the month of March, and then September
13 has been set aside for the Middle East peace treaty, where many folk hope a
comprehensive treaty will be signed between the Jews and the Arabs.

President Bill Clinton is working as fast as he can to bring
this peace treaty about as he needs some help with his credibility at this
particular time in history just before he departs from the job. Not only that,
we have the Digital Angel, recorded elsewhere in this newspaper which tells us
that the mark of the beast is right on the agenda, and with all these things put
together we see that prophecy is indeed coming to pass at this particular time
in history.

At the end of Revelation 10:19 we read this, "for the
testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy."

Therefore if what the Word of God predicts comes true, we can
be sure that the Scripture is indeed from God, and we all need to listen to the
message of salvation through the precious Blood of Jesus Christ. Our question to
you is, are you saved and are you walking in the light of that salvation?