Moving the World Electronically into the New World Order

Moving the World Electronically into the New World Order

Moving the world electronically into the New World Order

John Koskinen
John Koskinen

Of all the articles I have written throughout the years this
would have to be one of the most exciting.

We have discovered a secret that very few folk understand,
but will, having read this article.

What was the true purpose of the Y2K Millennium bug? Many
authors including myself wrote chapters and chapters on this subject and
ultimately it was proven to be true that a major problem did indeed face the
world in the changeover from the year 1999 to 2000. Governments of the world,
lead by the United States of America spent at least $650bil to cure the problem.

However, the majority of folk who speak on prophecy and
understand world events from the conspiratorial point of view believed that a
collapse of the world computer systems would bring about the suspension of the
American constitution and the implementation of FEMA, Federal Emergency
Management Act, which would give the president of the United States full power
to operate the country as he saw fit, thus introducing the New World Order at
that point.

As we all know now that did not happen, and yet massive
amounts of money was spent.

People around the world are still asking, why on earth did it

The answer. We learnt that first of all the problem was built
by people, and not by accident Time magazine clearly pointed out that in 1957 a
lady called Grace Hopper along with a team of scientists removed the first two
digits of each year, 19, and left the final two digits to identify the year.
This gave them more space on the Hollerith cards which only had limited space to
record the information. In the year 1967 the Bureau for Standards, an American
Government Department ratified this as being essential for all computer
designers and thus it became world policy that in the field of computerisation
people would not use the first two digits any longer. Once we reached the year
1999 the year was declared to be 99, and as we moved over into the new year the
date was recorded 00, which in many cases the computers supposed represented the
year 1900. The computer experts knew what would happen. Many computers could not
possibly handle the situation and many strange scenarios were suggested that
could take place in the New Year.

At this point we would like to give thanks to a writer by the
name of Joan Veon writing for the Prophetic Observer, a ministry of the
Southwest Radio Ministries. In the month of February 2000 she headlined her
article, Moving The World Electronically Into World Government. This
information has been so exciting to us all at this office that we are keen to
share it with as many folk as we can, that sanity may prevail over the Y2K

In 1997 the Newsweek printed an article entitled The Day
The World Shuts Down,
listing all the sectors of society which could be shut
down through this problem.

In response to this clear threat, in the month of February
1998 the President issued executive order 13073 which established the President’s
Council on year 2000 conversion. The man chosen to head up the council was one
by the name John Koskinen. The United Nations also became involved and after a
conference in December 1998 and June 1999 they set up an international Y2K
co-operation centre. They instructed each nation state to appoint a Y2K national
co-ordinator who would be their country’s liaison officer.

Now remember the problem was planned, managed and obviously

We have now discovered that many of us made a mistake when we
said it would be a visible transfer to World Government, because in actuality
the Y2K was a transfer of the world from individual nations states to a new
electronically interconnected world which uses wires, computer processors and
electricity to cement the individual countries together.

1. Y2K provided a once in a lifetime opportunity for the
nation states of the world who were not Internet Savvy to get wired. Under the
title ‘Reinvented Government’ a phrase used by President Clinton, an
electronic network was set up which was unparalleled in all of history. It
spurred the economies of the world and set the tone for a cashless society, all
of which facilitates the ushering in of World Government.

2. When a new house is built the foundation is laid, then the
structure and roof are added on. The wiring allows for the structure to have
power. Y2K was the wiring of the house as the structure has already been
built for some time. Y2K provided the excuse to transfer the world from
individual nations states into an electronically knit world – a world which is
now one and which includes both governments and corporations. Beginning January
1, 2000 we entered an electronic World Government and the linking of governments
and corporations gives meaning to the words, ‘Reinvented Government.’

3. With regard to foreign countries, many did not have and
cannot provide the basics for their people let alone spend monies on getting
wired. In order for them to justify the repositioning of critical dollars, a
global problem had to be created.

4. The Y2K Bug was basically an excuse to synchronise the
whole world electronically, in order to bring the lesser developed countries
into the electronic age.

5. The United States created a $50bil Information
Co-ordination Centre (ICC). Thus the electronic brains of the global system was
created in the US to monitor and co-ordinate all of the perceived electronic
problems in the world. The leader of this group Koskinen organised more than 25
task forces to reach out to industry groups, corporations, the United Nations,
and foreign trading partners.

6. At the heart of Bill Clinton’s reinventing government
program begun in 1993 is a new form of government which is based on partnership
– public/private partnerships, a marriage between government, business, and
non governmental organisations (NGOs). Anybody who has been living in New
Zealand from the year 1987 will understand now that through the policies of the
IMF, state owned enterprises have been privatised and now private business runs
much of that which was previously run by the government of our country. The
whole world is following this plan.

7. Koskinen further boasted as reported in the USA today,
“Solving Y2K proved that I can run the world with four people.”

8. Folk who study the news on such stations as CNN will know
that the world’s stock markets are at present going up and down and thus the
tone is now set for the coming cashless society, leading on to the Mark of the
Beast spoken of in Revelation 13:16-18.

9. The celebrations held world-wide at the end of 1999 made
it clear that the message from now on was, “We are one.” The songs
sung world-wide had a common theme, peace. Even the Queen of England joined in
the celebrations at the Millennium Dome, singing a peace song.

The article written by Joan Veon concludes in this manner.
“We must keep our options open because we may have seen the last of Y2K, but
we have quite possibly also seen the last of national sovereignty.” End

As we have passed this information on to listeners during
our various lecture tours it has been exciting to watch their eyes light up with
understanding, as they now see that the Y2K was not an accident, but something
which was very carefully thought out by a brain no doubt far more tuned in then

To identify this particular individual, we invite you to look
at the eye in the triangle above the pyramid on the reverse side of every
American one dollar bill and then see if you can find out who it represents.

Our observations name this eye as the eye of Horus in
Egyptian mythology, which in our day represents the eye of Lucifer the enemy of
Almighty God, who is setting up a Novus Ordo Seclorum. This phrase, simply
interpreted means, a World Government without God.

The arrogance of it all astounds us and yet we rejoice for
Bible prophecy tells us that we have indeed arrived at a certain time in
history, during which, God will vindicate Himself once and for all. Jesus Christ
will return and be known through out the whole world shortly as King of Kings
and Lord of Lords.