Horse Manure at World Bank Meeting

Horse Manure at World Bank Meeting

Horse manure at World Bank meeting

The Sunday StarTimes, 16 April 2000 presented us with that

"Two vegetarian protesters were arrested yesterday for
dumping a truckload of horse manure outside the World Bank headquarters as a
week of anti-globalisation protests gathered steam...

Protesters argue the IMF and World Bank impose ill-suited
economic policies on poor nations -– policies they say serve rich nations at
the expense of the world's poorest people.

The protests are building up to what could be a massive
demonstration tomorrow aimed at shutting down the IMF and World Bank meetings.
Up to 10,000 are expected and police are out in force, some concerned the
situation could degenerate into riots seen last year in Seattle during global
trade talks.

A truck bearing the slogan
emptied four tonnes of manure on the corner of Pennsylvania Avenue and 18th
Street in downtown Washington yesterday morning.

The driver, dressed in a cow costume, was arrested...

Residents and tourists have been advised to stay away from
the IMF..." End Quote

Another Reuters article was headlined Protesters block
streets in mass anti-IMF rally
. "Protesters began to block streets in
downtown Washington before dawn (local time) as a planned mass
anti-International Monetary Fund rally began in earnest.

The protest began despite a show of force in which police
arrested hundreds of peaceful activists on the eve of the demonstration.

Protesters were arriving early at two downtown locations to
converge for the anti-globalisation rally against the IMF and World Bank...

After months of preparation, thousands of activists have
converged on Washington for the IMF events. They believe that the IMF and World
Bank foist ill-suited economic policies on poor nations, forcing them deeper
into misery.

They also believe IMF and World Bank policies serve the
interests of rich countries at the expense of the poorest people in the world
which the leading agencies deny

Protest leaders said they were undeterred by Saturday's
arrests and promised they would not start any of the sort of violence that
disrupted trade talks in Seattle last year, when 525 people were arrested after
riots and vandalism..." End Quote.

And then again in the Time magazine, 24 April 2000 we read
the headline The New Radicals. "The people who brought us Seattle have
now done Washington. Are they dreamers or sly subversives?....

The first mass uprising to meet that challenge occurred last
year in Seattle, when 40,000 protesters from across the ideological map
surrounded, shouted down and roundly embarrassed the assembled representatives
of the World Trade Organisation...

They tried to do it again in Washington. Their target: a
meeting of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, two great
institutions of global finance and, say critics, corporate dominion over the
planet's poor and disfranchised...

This time, (the cops) they faced not dozens but thousands of
demonstrators and the barricades, all joined by a feeling that the New World
is really a slick new version of the old one, ruled by Big Money and
Big Government...

For the anti-globalists, an advantage to having no head is
that your enemies can't lop it off. A disadvantage is having no single voice.
Though the coalition is singing one song We Aren't the World...

They want to prevent China from entering the WTO. Our
position is that we don't want WTO to exist...

Globalisation is a big word and an even bigger enemy. Maybe
people with everyday concerns like paying the rent and keeping the car gassed
up, it's a little too big..." End Quote.

Then again in the same magazine under the headline, The
IMF: Dr. Death?
"The IMF and World Bank admit the problem while insisting
that their policies will boost living standards over the long term. But people
in the Global South have lost patience with such talk..." End Quote.

We at this office find it highly interesting that at last the
people are getting angry with the IMF, the World Bank and the WTO as they have
begun to understand that these are simply front organisations for a complete
take-over of the world system.

We at this office have written seven books on the subject
over the years and this knowledge is now becoming vindicated as people make
their protests in any way they can to try and stop this terrible juggernaught
which is destroying countries and people's lives.

The joy that the Christian believer has is knowing that the
prophecies make clear that this take-over of the world by satanic forces is a
temporary event only and will be brought to a close by the coming again of God's
Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, who will reign King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

We therefore encourage readers not to become saddened and
upset about these things but simply place them in their right order and
recognise that "greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world." 1 John 4:4