Letters To The Editor

Letters To The Editor

 "Dear Andrew
I have great respect for the Smith Family. You steer a
straight course, regardless of the winds that blow...I appreciate each issue of
your paper...I continue to stand with you In His love" Wanda Kightlinger, OK,

Dear Wanda -– the whole point of being involved in the 'Omega
Times' is to both stir, and encourage people to a closer walk with Jesus as a
result of understanding the days in which we live. I am thrilled if we are
meeting this objective -– God Bless you.

"Dear Andrew
...I would like to commend you concerning your honesty and
faithfulness toward Israel... Isaiah 40:1-2 says it all "Comfort" I also
believe we will all be judged according to Matthew 25:46 "these brothers of mine..."
Joy Waters

Dear Joy -– thanks for your encouragement. For so many,
Israel is becoming an 'unknown quantity' which is absurd in the light of
where we all fit in the Biblical picture. For me the topic is not a hobby horse
-– but a very important facet of my Christianity. God is no stranger to
revealing Himself to men, and I think it is exciting to be seeing something of a
turnaround in Christian thinking -– returning to an understanding of the God Of
Israel. Andrew

"Dear Sir
I had a question from one of my workmates about the cashless
society...she wanted to know how the blind 'would get on'. I presume they
would have to find out the balance of their account/s by telephone?..." S
Dawson, Levin

Dear Mr/Mrs Dawson - You've raised a good question.
Technologically there must be provision for disabled individuals -– perhaps a
voice system. One way or another, the use of cash as we know it is fast becoming
outmoded. As a blind person dealing in today's cash system, I am not sure how
banking transactions are handled? I think that advances in the area of services
for the disabled will only improve (or become easier) -– even in the context of
this mark of the beast system. Ed.