Further info on Solana

Further info on Solana

Further info on Solana

Javier Solana
Javier Solana

Readers of our newspaper may remember some time ago an
article entitled Who is Solana?

I have recently received further information and share it

"Javier Madoriaga Solana. Born 14.7.42, Madrid. Brother of
Luis Madariaga Solana, prominent business executive.

Solana is Secretary General and High Representative for
common Foreign and Security Policy, E.U. Council General Secretarial.

Education, physics Madrid, Complutense University. Doctorate
1964. Won full scholarship to Fulbright, USA until 1968. Married Concepeion
Gimenez, two children. Published more than 30 articles on solid slate physics.

Scientific researcher and assistant lecturer Madrid,
Autonomous University 1971. At this University his contract was cancelled for
political reasons. Returned to Madrid Comlutense Lecturing on solid state

Member of Socialist Party 1964. Member of P.S.O.E Federal
executive 1976. Minister of culture 1982-1988. Minister of Education and Science
1988-1992. Minister of Foreign Affairs 1992-1995. Secretary General NATO,

If today's summit in Middle East takes place there is hoped
to be 7 people at the table; President Mubarak, Kofi Annan, Yasser Arafat,
President Clinton, Ehud Barak, King Abdullah II and Javier Solana.

His address is: EU Council, Rue de la Loi 175, 1048 Brussels,
Belguim, Tel: 00 32 2 285 56 60

Now that we have looked at this man's qualifications, those
who are wise will continue watching the newspapers to find out what role has
been planned for he who suddenly appeared on the world scene.

We are not suggesting that he will be Antichrist or False
Prophet, but we did notice that he seemed to appear out of nowhere.

Watch with us!