Gore – teachers pet

Gore - teachers pet

Gore - teachers pet

Travelling though Bangkok recently I picked up a copy of
Sunday Nation newspaper, 11 October 2000, and read the headline Teacher's

"What is it about Al Gore that makes the pundit class flash
back to high school?

"Still the hardworking student once trotted out by his
parents to please the grownup guests" -– Nancy Gibbs, Time.

"The obnoxious smartest guy in class." - Fred Barnes, Fox

"Clearly the smartest boy in the class, ready to show off
his stuff on just about any subject." - Cokie and Steve Roberts.

"He reverts to his smartest guy in the class mode,
impressing the teacher with factoids for credit." -– Margaret Carlson, Time.

"Gore... can't resist the urge to behave like the
smartest kid in class -– you know, the one who constantly raising his hand and
shouting the answers before the teacher even finishes asking the questions." -
Fort Worth Star Telegram." End Quote.

Looking at the profile of the two candidates, one must
ask the question, what are the Americans getting themselves into?

As we have said before, let us turn to Psalm 75:7, "But God
is the judge, he putteth down one, and setteth up another..."