Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Dear Ed

Could you please tell me has there been any more information come out of the
book 'The Bible Code' by Michael Drosnin?...secondly the eclipse of the sun
that occurred a few weeks ago when the moon turned red....this could be an
important part of bible prophesy that has gone unrecognised? Ms Kerry-Ann Wall

Dear Kerry-Ann

The Bible code has been noted (and studied) by men over many
years. Eli Rips (scholar) has information on the way the code works, and we
believe it has merit, provided the interpretation of it is made by a born again
believer. Michael Drosnin published his book to make money and he has made
numerous errors in interpreting certain happenings. He is not interested in God
(professed atheist) therefore we dare say his ideas are not to be trusted. Re/.
the eclipse where the moon turned red, if it is further accompanied by the signs
spoken of in Matt 24 we have a very significant sign! We will watch with great
interest. Ed

Dear Ed

Just a note to say how much I enjoy the Omega Times...so much
is happening now relating to the Bible which is both scary and exciting... God
bless you and your family in all that you do. Fay Bailey Timaru

Dear Fay

How right you are! The signs of the times are clear and
motivating. Certainly there are moments where we feel the 'suspense' of the
moment BUT it is a wonderful joy to know that 'the wise will understand' the
days in which we live, and the return of Jesus 'will not overtake us like a
thief in the night'. We can truly comfort one another with the good news of
Jesus return. Ed

Dear Andrew

...was disappointed Barry is still not proclaiming that it is
the Holy Spirit who is the one restraining the mystery of lawlessness (2 Thess
2:6). Am sure the Holy Spirit can still be as active as He was before the church
was established after the body of Christ the Church has been taken up...I pray
the Lord will grant Barry and May strength for their days and many souls for the
Kingdom. Joan Stewart Feilding

Dear Joan

Yes, it's true -– Barry firmly believes that it is the
Antichrist himself who 'restrains' the mystery of iniquity from getting into
full swing... Part of the picture being that people will still be able to come
to Christ Jesus during the tribulation period (indicating the ongoing work and
Presence of the Holy Spirit). He bases his understanding of this on the comments
of Dr Ivan Panin of bible numerics fame, who states that verse 6 (2 Thess 2:7)
interprets verse 7..."in his own appointed time". As it refers to 'he'
we are not able to agree with those who teach that it is the bride of Christ who
restrains. In terms of who is right or wrong, there are a number of arguments
either way. I personally have not had much of an in depth look at how it works
and will reserve my comment until after the event! Ed

Dear Ed

Thank you very much indeed for continuing to send me extra
copies of each issue of Omega Times...these are forwarded to various major
libraries in New Zealand... Beverley Anscombe Auckland

Dear Bev

We're a team -– thanks for using your initiative. One sows
seed, one waters and God brings the increase (new growth). Ed

Dear Ed

...Please find enclosed for your perusal, herewith an article
on the influence of the Harry Potter books on young readers...Mr & Mrs DA
Heswall Brunei

Dear David & Christine

I found the article very interesting indeed. Not having read
any of the Harry Potter books myself, but noting with interest their incredible,
unparalleled popularity via many media commentaries, I certainly agree that
there is a sinister and dangerous scenario in progress. Obviously the witchcraft
slant is of concern...the testimonials in your article were not only disturbing
but wretched. I would very much like to trace the originators of the interviews
and the children concerned, to document that these people are real and their
comments genuine. If indeed they are, I will gladly print whatever cautions I
can to warn people of the danger of allowing their children to read this type of

One caution I would make, is with regard to the use of quotes
originating from sources which cannot be verified (non documented). Perhaps you
may recall a piece of news relating to 6000 people in Sweden who had apparently
(at that time) accepted the mark of the beast, a physical mark on the body for
the purpose of buying and selling. Of course you can imagine the effect this
exciting piece of information had on the Christian world. Every country we
visited, every town we passed through "have you heard about the 6000 people in
Sweden who have taken the mark?". Upon further investigation, the report was
found to be a made up scenario (hypothetical) put together by a Christian
publication. The story ended up floating around the Christian world as if it
were true. Another rumour of similar popularity is the apparent account of
certain Christian pilots who have been issued a document from their employers
(major airline groups) stating that no two Christian pilots may operate an
aircraft alone -– a precaution in the event of the 'rapture' happening. I
have received reports of this story for many years and have encouraged several
pilots to produce the official policy document to verify the story but alas....And
I am a believer!

More and more in this day and age I believe we of the
Christian community need to back up all claims of real life happenings with
hard evidence:
allowing the world to be exposed to undeniable truth...this
includes documenting healings, miracles and answers to prayer. The internet is
loaded with scenario's which have no link with reality at all, made up by mean
people who get a kick out of making other people squirm!!

I would like to check the source of some of the comments
which were made re/. Harry Potters influence on certain children (most alarming
comments) as so often in this field, when one follows the trail back to find the
originator/s it becomes very sketchy. I have only seen one interview given by
the writer of the books who claimed she had no background in witch craft and
that the spells and occult language and ideas were simply made up! Again, I have
not spoken with any genuine witches to confirm or refute this but I am doing my
best to find someone in the know. Playing with the occult and exposing
children to even fake/false made up incantations and spells must be seen as
dangerous regardless of the authenticity of the documentation of the article in
Thank you for the information Ed