Sabina’s story

Sabina's story

Sabina's story

We were saddened to read in The Voice of the Martyrs
magazine, October 2000, that Sabina Wurmbrandt has passed away and gone to be
with the Lord. We are sad but we are certain that she is not.

In the article we read the following:

"Sabina frequently told the story of a father who gave his
young son two shiny new quarters. He instructed his son to put one of the
quarters into the offering plate at church as a gift to God and the other he
could spend as he pleased. The young son, filled of joy, played with the two
quarters until one finally slipped from his hands and fell into a drainage pipe
were it was no more to be found. Tears filled the boy's eyes as he ran to his
father and said, "Daddy, Daddy, I've lost the quarter you gave me for God."

Sabina's simple story was a constant reminder of how we
quickly assign our lost time to God and hold fast to ourselves what is left..."
End Quote.