Big brother is listening

Big brother is listening

Big brother is listening

During the month of October we set out on our Middle East
tour via Great Britain. Of course once arriving in Great Britain we discovered
that it was not wise to continue on to the Middle East.

Always on the lookout for information connected with World
Government, it was significant that everywhere we went in that great country,
from North to South we found cameras staring down at us from above highways,
shops and telegraph poles in all directions. I would go so far as to say I have
never seen so much surveillance anywhere else in the world as I have seen in
Great Britain.

Not only that, we now read in the Waikato Times, 5 December
2000, UK police seek sweeping powers to intercept, listen and file away

"Britain's police and intelligence services are seeking
the right to access records of every telephone call, email and internet
connection made in the UK.

The country's crime fighting and intelligence agencies want
all such communications to be logged, and the information stored for seven years
in vast government -–run "data warehouses"....

The spokeswoman said the powers sought would require new
legislation, but "that is a long way off at the moment."...

Politicians and campaigners cited by the paper as condemning
the idea included Conservative peer and privacy expert Lord Cope.

"We are sympathetic to the need for greater powers to fight
modern types of crime," he said. "But vast banks of information on every
member of the public can quickly slip into the world of Big Brother. I
will be asking serious questions about this." End Quote.

New Zealand readers may remember some time ago government
efforts to take the black tinting out of motorcar windows so that all people
inside the car could be viewed from outside. Owing to a public outcry at the
time, the idea was laid to one side, but be sure of this -– they will try again
in the near future because everybody's life under the New World Order must be
fully controlled from the cradle to the grave.

Praise God we have a Bible and the One that it speaks of, our
Lord Jesus Christ who is coming back to put paid to all these things and set up
a World Government of righteousness, truth, peace and harmony as He reigns King
of Kings and Lord of Lords.

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