Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Dear Ed

After reading Barry's article "Killing rats may speed up
disease" (Nov O.T) I heard a brief report on the national radio morning
report which stated that New York city is currently being plagued by an
unprecedented explosion of the rat population. It has been estimated that there
may be up to 70 million rats in the city, and a meeting of health authorities
has been called at Colombia university to try to find a solution to the problem.
So the scenario Barry describes in the article could very easily happen. God
bless you, Colin Peace Hamilton

Dear Colin

Pretty amazing isn't it! What gets me is how quickly mans
confidence can be turned to dust -– following a profound natural disaster or
plague. It's wonderful keeping in touch with a loving Father/Creator, not just
talking about this mythical mother nature. Ed

Dear brother in Jesus Christ

When I read your letter from the editor in the October Omega
Times, my faith was strengthened to know the kindred spirit we share. Like
yourself, since I was a boy I have heard many words spoken in my ear by men,
that at times tended to test my spirit...the great I Am has revealed Himself to
all His sons and daughters "I Am who I Am"....Joseph

Dear Joseph

Isn't fellowship special! Whether in person, or sharing
thoughts together through the written word -– unity is a very fulfilling
experience. I am just learning about becoming secure so that I am not threatened
by others who think differently -– meaning unity can still exist amongst those
who have a completely different view, but love the same God! Maturity is: even
when we can't see eye to eye, we can walk hand in hand.

At the culmination of time, when God tidies up all things
which have occurred since He created man, all injustice, all pain and suffering
and evil -– also rewarding those who have served without reward, the God we and
many generations of believers have trusted in will be seen 'as He is'. No
more arguments from our personal perspective's, no guesswork -– we will
fellowship around the Son. I cannot think of anything sweeter than 'eternal
fellowship with each other in the presence of God' ED

On a lighter note, my sister Rachel wrote a little tale or
character sketch which describes us (mankind) rather nicely:

WILLY WEKA by Rachel Koutsimanis

 Willy Weka, although he was a wild bird of the bush, he was
not in nature. He was a kind and thoughtful bird. While all the other wekas were
out doing naughty things like stealing their food from picnickers and tourists,
Willy was eating bugs and berries from the bush. He'd say to his friends "hey
guys, you're giving us a bad name. We don't want to known as wicked wekas!
Has anyone heard of consideration for others around here?".

Although Willy had a good name for himself as far as wekas
go, he was a very plain bird. Chocolate brown actually. He often wished he could
be more colourful like the pukeko with his blue feathers, fine red beak and
legs. You know, all the time that Willy was envious of the pukeko's colour,
the other bird was thinking to himself "I would love to be like Willy Weka. So
kind and caring, no wonder he is popular with all the other birds".

Which just goes to show us, some of us are born with beauty
on the inside, and some on the outside. As long as we think of others and be as
kind as we can be, we will be liked!

Dear Ed

Have been meaning to write for years to say how much I
appreciate receiving Omega Times, and Barry's special view and descriptions of
current events (in relation to prophecy) and his particular brand of humour! I'm
no less enjoying your input into OT and have particularly enjoyed reading the
'Pendulum is swinging'....as well as Rebecca's input to the paper and the
'Working in Jerusalem' by George & Eileen Anderson series. This is very
much a bouquet letter isn't it...Robbyn Holmes Golden Bay

Dear Robbyn

Thank you for such a lovely bouquet of thanks -– it's
always appreciated.

I pray we can continue to encourage and comfort fellow
believers with the news surrounding the coming of Jesus. Dad's (Barry's)
sense of humour is truly unique and keeps a smile on a number of faces around
the globe...the perfect compliment to a sometimes scary report. He was telling
me recently about the 'humility club' who had awarded one of it's members
with a medal for service. They then confiscated it from him after he was seen
wearing it. Blessings Ed

Dear Ed

Being a keen Bible student and watching closely modern day
events in relation to prophecy, I have noticed a few events that (I have
observed on our local SBS world news, which I consider note worthy...there is
now a European army, which will be fully operational by 2003. A single army
means a single government. They must appoint a leader very soon 'the
antichrist'...Ehud Barak, the Israeli Prime Minister has called an early
election which has been earmarked for March next year...Robert Muir Melbourne

Dear Robert

Thank you for your continued contact and the video you sent
recently. I will watch it with interest as soon as we get a break in the
traffic. It really is an interesting and significant time to be living...blessed
are those who watch. Mark 13:33-37 Jesus speaking "...and what I say unto you
I say unto all watch".

GUEST WRITER: if you have written a word of encouragement for
fellow believers and would like to have it included in the Omega Times, we would
love to hear from you...we can only print one article per month

Hearing the voice & will of God

Dear fellow believers

Jesus said to His disciples "Ye are my friends, if ye do
whatsoever I command you" (John 15:14) and "For whosoever shall do the will
of My Father which is in heaven, the same is my brother and sister and mother"
(Matthew 12:50).

Therefore we know it is God's will that each of us knows
God's will. In 1 Corinthians 2 Paul makes this very clear: To know God's will, we
must know Jesus Christ and Him crucified. To know His Spirit, the Spirit of God,
who knows the things of God, which God wants us to know, we must know the same
Christ. If we wait upon the Lord, the Holy Spirit will teach us what God wants
us to speak, and we will discern the things God wants us to do. In other words,
the Holy Spirit will manifest the Word of God which is according to the will of
God. God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit being as one (because they
are one) to enable us individually to be one with God in our thoughts, words and
deeds as we believers and followers of Christ are one with God in the Spirit.

We read that God lets people know His will by the still quiet
voice, by revelation of the Scripture, by dream, by vision, by prophecy, word of
knowledge, word of wisdom, interpretation of tongues, by visitation of angels,
by taking our spirits into the heavens and by manifesting His audible voice to
us. I have experienced each of the above during the past 14 years and know the
Scriptures concerning the voice of God to be true, not only by faith (which came
first), but also by the experiences (which came after).

To be a friend of Jesus (a friend of God...) we must know
what He wants us to think and say and do. Jesus led the way...doing only what He
saw the Father doing (John 5:19-20; John 8:38; John 3:32) and what He heard from the
Father (John 8:26-28; John 12:49-50; John 14:10; John 15:15) which resulted in Jesus doing the
will of God (John 5:30; John 6:38; John 14:31 & Matthew 26:39).

So then "faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of
God". The Word of God is Jesus Christ (John 1:1-14; Revelation 19:10-16). What can I
say? Know God, wait on God, hear God, obey God and know more of Him. It never
ceases until that glorious day of days when we wake up with Him or join Him in
the air -– at the last trump when we put on incorruptible and immortal, ever
being with the Lord Jesus Christ (1 Corinthians 15:51-58 & 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18)

Sincerely, Ralph Hess QLD