Looking back to 1987

Looking back to 1987

Looking back to 1987

Sir Roger Douglas
Sir Roger Douglas

The Labour Government of 1984 was still in power in the year
1987, when the restructuring of New Zealand began in earnest.

The Minister of Finance at that time was Mr Roger Douglas and
we quote from an old newspaper article, 2 August 1990. Douglas 'was
courageous' facing economic problems.

"Labour's former Minister of Finance, Mr Roger Douglas,
was "brave and courageous" in facing the hard facts of what had to be done
to right the economy, said Mr Philip Burdon (Nat, Fendalton).

Mr Burdon was speaking to about 20 people who attended his
address on National's policy regarding small business in Christchurch.

In deserting Rogernomics, Labour had lost its goal and failed
to address the greater issues of the labour market and Government expenditure,
Mr Burdon said..." End Quote.

Readers familiar with this scenario will know that New
Zealand was chosen as the world's laboratory or a test case to see what would
happen if we went through the various stages of restructuring. That is,
corporatisation, privatisation, shares at 49% overseas ultimately lifting the
shares to 51% overseas thus selling out the major shareholding of our national
assets. At the same time the sovereignty of the country went and now New Zealand
is over 70% in overseas hands

Then way back 1 June 1989 we read, S.O.E.s should be

"State-owned enterprises should be privatised to prevent
future political interference in their management, the chief executive of the
Electricity Corporation, Dr Rod Deane , said last evening...

"As long as S.O.E.s remain in public ownership, Governments
will be tempted to use them to deliver benefits to interest groups at the
expense of over-all community welfare," Dr Deane said...

Dr Deane also argued that corporatisation should only be a
half-way house to privatisation because of the implicit Government guarantee
standing behind State corporations...." End Quote.

This of course proved to be false and we continue to read
now in the Press 26 May 1989, Privatisation became inevitable; Roger.

"Corporatisation was never intended as a precursor to
privatisation, the Minister of State-Owned Enterprises, Mr Rodger, said last

While some concern existed about selling State assets to
foreigners, this was "really something of a bad joke," he said..." End

As we write this article in the year 2000, we ask, was it
really a bad joke, or a deceptive ploy by a bunch of people who are setting up a
One World Government?

We now quote from the New Zealand Herald, 26 July 1990, Bassett
joins Douglas team.

"The former Minister of Internal Affairs, the Hon Michael
Basset, has joined the former Minister of Finance, the Hon Roger Douglas, in a
new consulting business for reforming governments around the world...

Both men are retiring from politics at the forthcoming
election, although they are both only in their early 50s.

Mr Douglas has already attended a conference in Brazil on
behalf of the World Bank to pass on his experience with privatisation and

"I probably could do a little bit for the World Bank in
that sort of way," he said yesterday.

He has also made frequent trips to Australia in recent weeks..."
End Quote.

Now here we are in 2000 and have seen the results of the
programme which should be given by any school teacher an F for failure.

New Zealand is no longer the country it was as all these
diabolical schemes were foisted upon us by five men in the then Labour party of
the day.

Old time readers will remember that David Lange, the Prime
Minister, began to understand what was taking place part way through and tried
to pull out and that was where the fall out came between himself and his finance
minister, Roger Douglas. Once Roger had the bit between his teeth, he ran from
country to country, encouraging corporatisation and privatisation and thus the
selling out of sovereignty.

Simon Upton
Simon Upton

It is now clear that New Zealand lead the way in this scheme
of things, and it is for that reason that recently one of our men in politics
connected with a group in England called the Mont Pelerin Society has just been
appointed to the ranks of the OECD, which will assist in selling out further
sovereignty of the country of New Zealand and other countries around the world.

I refer of course to Simon Upton and New Zealand readers
should take careful note of all dictates that come from the OECD in the near
future as they have us in their sights again for further diabolical policies.
One of these policies is to make you pay rent on your own home. Many years ago I
said in public meetings that one of the aims of the World Government people was
to take from the general public ownership of houses or real-estate, as ownership
like that gives a person a feeling of security.

Under the New World Order there will be no security, but the
security offered by the government and its leader Antichrist.

We give thanks to God that He has promised that at a certain
time in history, His son Jesus will return and put paid to all this nonsense and
He Himself will reign over the whole world from the city of Jerusalem. My advice
is make sure that you are on His side.

We quote herewith from Zechariah 14:9:

"And the Lord shall be king over all the earth, in that day
shall there be one Lord, and his name one."