OECD – No answer for New Zealand

OECD - No answer for New Zealand

OECD - No answer for New Zealand

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
has poked their noses into New Zealand's business a number of times in the
past. Hark! Here they come again!

We read in the business Herald, 30 November 2000, OECD
tells us to tax capital gains.

"New Zealand should introduce a capital gains tax to
boost its poor record on investment and savings, says the OECD in a report on
New Zealand published late last night.

But Finance Minister Michael Cullen said the recommendation
was extreme, socially unacceptable and economically unnecessary...

"Basically it is political suicide in New Zealand."...

The OECD said New Zealanders should be taxed on gains made on
the sharemarket and through investment in property....

The OECD advised the Government to abandon plans for
corporate tax concessions in areas such as research and development and to tidy
up grey areas in international taxation...

It also called for a resumption of the privatisation
programme." End Quote.

It is clear that according to this surreptitious World
Government group, to which Mr Simon Upton has just gone, that we have not yet
privatised and sold out enough of our country yet
and so these people are
advising our leaders as to what they should do.

In spite of that we now read a strange heading in the
newspaper just two days later. Taken from the Waikato Times, 1 December 2000. OECD
has 'no answer' for NZ.

What does that mean? I hear you cry. Answer: It simply means
that the policies that were practiced on New Zealand in 1987 didn't work and
now the chickens have come home to roost. The whole thing has proved to be a
giant embarrassment to the OECD who are still trying to con us into accepting
their ridiculous plans. We quote from the article.

"The OECD finds New Zealand "an interesting
intellectual puzzle
" for which it has no answer, says Finance Minister
Michael Cullen....

Dr Cullen noted that in discussions he had with OECD
officials "they found it quite interesting that despite the fact New Zealand
had followed their policies for 15 years, they self evidently weren't working.
They decided in the end not to throw away the theory but to argue we should
actually carry on further down the same track, that some how or other a greater
dose would work.

"They found us an interesting intellectual puzzle for which
they have no answer," he told Parliament...." End Quote.

It is clear to we thinking New Zealanders that the sooner the
OECD, the IMF, the WTO and the World Bank and others, keep their noses out of
New Zealand's business, the longer we will have to enjoy our country and run
it the way we want to run it and not the way these rascals want to run it.

The Word of God, the Bible is the only book that gives us the
end result of all this, and that is a dictatorship with the whole world being
controlled by one man, called Antichrist. He will work in the field of politics
and co-opt the expertise of another man skilled in the art of religion. This man
is called in the Word of God the False Prophet.

The satanic eye inside the triangle above the pyramid on the
back of every American dollar bill should tell every concerned person that we
are living at the end of an age and therefore we rejoice that Jesus' words now
make sense.

Matthew 24:34 we read, "This generation shall not pass
until all these things be fulfilled."

All these signs prove to us once and again that Jesus is
returning soon for His own.

Are you ready?