A European standing army

A European standing army

A European standing army

As we have published our Omega Times newspaper month by
month, we have noticed an important Scripture from Revelation 16, which tells us
in the latter days just prior to the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, the world
system will be divided into three major sections.

Revelation 16:19, "and the great city was divided into three
, and the cities of the nations fell, and great Babylon came into
remembrance before God, to give unto her the cup of the wine of the fierceness
of his wrath."

We have learnt previously that David Rockefella, along with a
few of his friends set up a group called the Trilateral Commission, which means
they have divided the world into three regions. A. Europe, with its own standing
army. B. The Americas, with their own standing army. C. The Asia Pacific region,
which has yet to form a standing army.

On 17 November 2000 the Janes Defense Weekly published an
article along these lines.

"European nations are ready to contribute up to 200,000
troops to ensure that the EU will be able to deploy a 60,000 strong rapid
reaction force for a full year in a crisis area and see that its personnel are
rotated, defence ministry sources indicated in Paris last week...

The French sources said that although the EU force is not due
to become operational until 2003, some elements could be available for certain
types of military operations from mid-2001, when Paris expects the new EU
military staff to begin functioning...

French officials declined to list the commitments of each
country but it is known that Germany and the UK are ready to pledge up to 18,000
troops, Italy 15,000, France 10,000 while Belgium and the Netherlands have each
offered to contribute 3.000...." End Quote.

It is of significance also that the Asian influence in
New Zealand and Australia is becoming very pronounced and we are now being
referred to directly as part of the Asian system.

People who deny that this is happening need to view CNN news
regularly and notice the number of Asian commentators who speak to us in this
part of the world, not only giving us the news, but giving us Asian business
news. Many of my friends and acquaintances have said, "Why is this happening?
We are not particularly interested in what is happening in Asia," to which I
reply, "You'd better be, because you are now part of Asia whether you want
to be or not."

It is for this reason that meetings are regularly held under
the title APEC, Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation. Secondly, New Zealand is
busy at this moment signing free trade agreements with not only Singapore, but
other Asian countries.

The plan is therefore literally being fulfilled in a very
short space of time and together with the American elections, the troubles in
the Middle East and so on, it would pay the reader to continue showing a keen
interest, as a culmination of these events will be an event called the rapture,
then later the return publicly of our Lord Jesus Christ to reign from the city
of Jerusalem.

Are you ready?