Lucifer, Satan, the Devil – all the same

Lucifer, Satan, the Devil - all the same

Lucifer, Satan, the Devil - all the same

As far as we are aware, never before in the history of the
world has the media got behind any particular book as they have behind the Harry

We can only assume that there is a power beyond human
understanding in the field of the occult that has promoted these books to such a
degree adults and children alike are reading them.

Texe Marrs and his Power of Prophecy newsletter,
December 2000, points out that folks say "Harry's magic is "White
Witchcraft," which they say is "good magic", verses Black Witchcraft,
which is "evil magic".

But in his Satanic Bible, the late Anton LaVey, High Priest
of the Church of Satan, scoffed at such a distinction. "There is no difference
in Satanism," sneered LaVey, "between white and black witchcraft or magic."...

Parents in 28 states have sought to have the Harry Potter
books banned at public school libraries..." End Quote.

Anybody involved in the upper degrees of Freemasonry,
although they understand that many of their leaders say Lucifer is God, also
believe that Lucifer is indeed God and not the devil.

We return to Texe Marrs articles in his newsletter and quote:

" "There is no person or creature known as the devil"
the angry witch growled at me. "The devil is a Christian invention." It
happened in Seattle, Washington, where I debated Satanists and witches and
assorted other Christian haters on a popular TV talk show. In response, I asked
the hostile feminist if, in her witchcraft rituals, she and her coven worshipped
the "horned god of the forest?" Startled, she hesitated, and then replied:
"Well, yes, we do worship the horned god." "But," she quickly added, "the
horned god is not the devil! He's the god of nature." The pitiful beliefs of
this witch were not surprising to me. Indeed, I frequently hear from hardened
New Agers, witches, Druids, and other occultists who doggedly insist that their
hellish master, Lucifer, is a god of good and not evil. It is a fascinating fact
that higher-level Masons and Illuminists also profess that their great deity is
not the devil. Lucifer, Masonic authorities trumpet, is the glorious and radiant
"Father of Light," giver of good things. He's definitely not the devil!
Amazingly, variations of this strange, perverted, and insidious lie are even
being voiced within the Christian Church. A growing number of America's top
theologians and most noted "Bible" scholars now claim that, "Lucifer is
not the devil," These men, highly respected in evangelical circles, promote a
New Lucifer!..." End Quote.

Please never forget that only the King James Bible gives
a true record of what God is really saying in Isaiah 14:12.

"How art thou fallen from heaven O Lucifer, son of the
morning, how art thou cut down to the ground, which did weaken the nations."

Anybody reading this particular passage should go on also to
read verses 13, 14 and 15 and discover that this being will ultimately finish up
in hell.

This should prove beyond any doubt that the person spoken of
here is Lucifer, and in no way connected to God or Jesus but is an enemy of the

It is for this reason that many modern versions of the Bible
have given a distorted view by leaving out the world Lucifer and calling him
other names which bring confusion in the minds of those who are biblically

God is not woolly in His thinking, and wants us to understand
that Lucifer and Satan are the same person and that being is represented by the
eye in the triangle which is illuminated on the back of every American one
dollar bill, dated from the year 1933.

It is no wonder Jesus said, "Ye must be born again." And
as we are born again we leave the devil's kingdom and join the Kingdom of our
Lord Jesus Christ.

God bless you as you make a careful distinction between these
beings and make sure that you are on the side of Almighty God, and his Son the
Lord Jesus Christ.