The amazing camel

The amazing camel

The amazing camel

The amazing camel
The amazing camel

When I'm hungry, I'll eat almost anything -– a leather
bridle, a piece of rope, my master's tent, or a pair of shoes. My mouth is so
tough that even a thorny cactus doesn't bother it. I'm a dromedary camel,
the one-hump kind that lives on the hot deserts of the Middle East.

My big hump weighs 80 pounds and is full of fat, not water!
The Intelligent Creator designed me so my body automatically takes this fat and
feeds me when I can't find anything to eat.

Naturally this causes my hump to shrink, and soon it tips to
one side. But when I find a nice oasis and begin to eat again, it builds back

Water is often very hard to find out here on the desert.
Sometimes I will have to wait eight days before I can get a drink. I look
terrible then. My ribs show through my skin, and I may loose 225 pounds. But
when I find water, I'll drink up to 27 gallons in just 10 minutes and gain
those 225 pounds back immediately. I was designed for the hot, dry

People use me for transportation because I can travel through
the sand dunes so well. It's really easy because my Creator gave me specially
engineered "sandshoes". My two long bony toes have a super-tough piece of
skin stretched between them. My hooves are wide, but they stretch and get wider
when I step down on them so I don't sink into the soft, drifting sand.

Sometimes a big sandstorm screams across the desert, but that
doesn't bother me. My Master Designer put special muscles in my nostrils that
close part way, keeping the sand out but letting in just enough air to
breathe. My Designer also gave my long eyelashes that hang over my eyes and keep
out the blowing sand. If a grain of sand should slip through and land on my eye,
my Maker gave me an inner eyelid that automatically wipes the sand off my
eyeball like a windshield wiper.

It's really difficult for me to understand how some people
say I evolved into what I now am. I'm a very technical, highly-engineered
dromedary camel. Things like me don't just happen, they're planned by
Someone very intelligent and logical. The Creator's Book, the Bible, tells us
that this Great Designer is Jesus Christ. It says, "Through Him all things
were made; without Him nothing was made that has been made". (John 1:3).

Jesus Christ designed a way for me to live in a desert. He
also designed a way for you to live as one of God's children. He knew that you
can't make yourself good enough to be in God's family. The Bible says, "All
have sinned and fall short of the glory of God" (Romans 3:23). So Jesus came
to earth and took the blame for all your sins -– for all the wrong that
you have done. He died on the cross and rose from the dead so that you can be

When you believe this with all your heart, you will become
one of God's children forever. The Bible promises, "To all who received Him
(Jesus), to those who believed in His name, He gave the right to become children
of God" (John 1:12). I hope you'll decide to believe in Christ.