California in the dark

California in the dark

California in the dark

They tell us that deregulation which is being conducted
world-wide by One World Government advocates is the best thing since sliced
bread, however, we will now consider an article taken from the New Zealand
Herald, 24 January 2001, California Still in the Dark.

"California's power crisis lurched into its second
week yesterday as officials in both Sacramento and Washington DC sought
solutions to an energy shortage that is keeping the nation's most populous
state on the brink of rolling blackouts.

Top officials in the new Bush Administration met in
Washington yesterday to discuss the worsening situation, but promised little in
the way of immediate help.

"The President believes that the issue is mostly a
California matter," said Ari Fleischer, a spokesman for President George W.

Meanwhile, power grid managers warned yesterday that
extremely low reserves of power meant California was still in danger of the
rolling blackouts that last week hit hundreds of thousands of homes, factories
and offices in the northern part of the state.

The crisis, rooted in California's failed 1996 experiment
with partial market deregulation, has already forced the state's two biggest
utilities to the brink of bankruptcy." End Quote.

So much therefore, for the plan which started in New
Zealand under Rogernomics and now extends world-wide to destroy other countries
along with New Zealand, the guinea pig laboratory nation.

The mystery of iniquity is now being extended world-wide and
readers of our newspaper living in New Zealand will identify straight away with
these problems as we have been through them all ourselves many, many times over.

This Satanic globalisation system is in for a rude shock when
the Lord finally puts a stop to it, but in the mean time, we Christians are
anchored strongly to the rock of our Salvation, the Lord Jesus Christ.