Mind your head

Mind your head

Mind your head

"Set your mind on the things above, and not on the things
that are on earth". Colossians 3:2.

It is easy to say that our minds are set on things above, but
still not be changed according to the power of God.
'Setting our minds'
requires a renewal of the mind, a check-up from the neck-up. The mind-setting
process involves putting on a new self, and being renewed to a true knowledge
according to the image of the One who created us. Be careful not to confuse the
notion of 'setting our minds on things above' with spiritualizing every
single thing. Over-spiritualizing everything puts our salvation in danger
because it leads to spiritual blindness -– because our heads are up too high in
the clouds. Renewal is only possible when we have the image of our maker in
front of us. And most of the time, we don't have to get up too high to see our

We know we are becoming spiritually impaired when we start to
bang into dark objects. Spiritual blindness is when straightforward problems
become irrationalised by spiritual mystique, and solutions are provided by
guesswork, because 'God told me so'. Be careful not to quickly blame
accidents and 'acts of God' on the devil, his angels, and even God himself. It
is easy to blame the unexplained on heavenly causes. Sometimes it is required of
us to 'pray for a while' so that God can provide some answers. And let's face
it, sometimes the answers don't come hard and fast at all, so we have to fast.
Some things have very rational, earthly reasons for occurring - we may just have
to wait a while in prayer and supplication in order for God's spiritual
explanations to be evidently clear.

Setting our minds on the things above does not mean we should
forget the things on earth
. It means that we should have a heavenly vision
to earthly issues. This cannot be achieved by being spiritually arrogant,
because some of us are too spiritually minded to be of any earthly good.

Having a heavenly vision can only be gained by renewing
ourselves into the image of Christ
, and knowing His Word. The renewal
process is necessary because if we do not, we are in danger of conforming to the
world. Conformation to the earthly vision is setting our minds on things that
are on the earth, and letting issues of the flesh affect us, and thus putting
our relationship with Christ at risk. Setting our minds on things above allows
us to control our environment, through a disciplined thought life, which in turn
allows God to touch our hearts and minds. This is attained by a dedicated
commitment to prayer and meditating on the Word of God. By setting our minds on
things above, we are able to connect with God.

Don't try to 'be like Mike'. Do not let the
traditions of men dictate our lives. Stubbornly refuse to fall subject to the
insecurities of other people, for they conduct their lives in accordance to the
world, and not to the image of our maker. Insecure people order their thought
life on who they are not, and who they want to be, and thus create a world of
surreal falsehood. Their whole existence is ordered around trying to 'be like
Mike' ref. Nike ads. People who are insecure suffer the same problem the devil
had when he wanted to 'be like God'. God created each of us individually and
wants us to be like ourselves. "But the very hairs on your head are all
numbered. Fear ye not therefore, ye are of more value than many sparrows",
Matthew 10:30-31. Let the sparrows keep being sparrows, and let you keep being
you, for that is your greatest celebration for glorifying God.

People who are insecure continually seek ways to be like
other people, or to change their ways to be like someone else. Sadly, they
continually let themselves down as well as those they try to emulate. This is an
earthly mind setting mould. People who are insecure are often sad, depressed and
not happy with themselves and the talents given to them by God. Insecurity is a
modern day plague. Conversations are characteristically shallow, intentions
often have a second agenda, and truth is cleverly hidden. Insecure people
quickly blame the devil and his advocates for everything. They are constantly
'under attack by the devil', from sickness to accidents, sometimes even the
blessed work of the Lord is attributed to the evil one. Sure the devil has his
place in the scheme of things, but never overestimate or underestimate the 'lord
of the flies'. Most of the time our imagination gets the better of us as we
tend to naturally set out minds on the things of the earth. Remember, the devil
has no place, and never will have a place in heaven! Do not fall prey to this
type of mind-set, for God is a God of light, and there is no darkness in Him. If
we allow God's light into our hearts, then we will have light within us. This
heavenly light will scatter all forms of darkness around us. The moment the
light is switched on, darkness disappears instantly. Set your minds on things

Some of us need to know where to find the light switch.
Then all we need to do is to turn it on. There are also some of us that know
where the light switch is but just don't want to turn it on because we are
scared of what they may see. This type of earthly mind-set is prevalent even
amongst many of God's children. Set your mind on things above by renewing your
mind. This will transform you to the extent of knowing the concept of God. He
will never want to hurt us, or even subject us to fear or damnation. Most of the
time our so-called devil and demons are our own work. Most of our trials are
self imposed, or created by evil people. By the same token, the devil is real,
and is responsible for many things, but is powerless against God and His

It is time for a change. It is time to see God through a
heavenly mind-set. By letting the Word of Christ dwell richly within us, with
all wisdom, teaching and admonishing one another, we will understand exactly
what things from above we are supposed to set our minds on. This new way of
thinking will allow us to boldly approach God's throne by the blood of Christ,
by a new and living way (Hebrews 10:19). Don't let earthly mind-sets through the
traditions of men deny you of the freedom to live an abundant life to worship

Mind your head.