Pacific Nations Reject Globalisation

Pacific Nations Reject Globalisation

Pacific Nations Reject Globalisation

Because much of our missionary work has taken us into the
Pacific area, we were fascinated to receive this article from the New Zealand
Herald, 2 February 2001, where in the main Pacific leaders are beginning to see
that something is amiss in the politics of the world today.

It is to be hoped that our books which are being spread
liberally around the Islands had some affect in enlightening the leaders as to
the peril that their nations are in at this moment in time.

"Pacific nations, among the smallest and most isolated in
the world, have examined globalisation and, while agreeing it has some good
points, they don't like it...

The two strongest critics of globalisation came from the
smallest countries -– Niue's Prime Minister Sani Lakatani and Cook Island's
Prime Minister Terepai Maoata...

Lakatani was particularly bitter, saying the globalisation
trend was preventing his Government from improving quality of life...

"The uneven distribution of wealth and power points to the
potential loss of sovereignty by Governments as the control of their
respective economies becomes more subject to global forces such as multinational
companies and the pressures of the select global brotherhood." He questioned
who benefited from globalisation.

Maoata said Pacific nations had become puppets of

"I don't know where this globalisation came from and from
who. It's time to get together and fight," he said....

American Samoa Governor Tauese Sunia, the most optimistic of
the participants, warned that globalisation had arrived in the Pacific and was
moving quickly..." End Quote (This statement displays an amazing

There is no doubt that life in the Pacific Islands has been
very relaxed and easy-going until this point, but now the Lord has promised that
He will create situations that will cause these people to re-evaluate their
lifestyles and seek the things which are important.

An interesting Scripture from Ezekiel 39:6, could maybe sum
this thought up inspite of the fact that it may appear to be taken out of

"And I will send a fire on Magog, and among them that
dwell carelessly in the isles
, and they shall know that I am the Lord."