Selling up Terralink

Selling up Terralink

Selling up Terralink (Land & Surveys)

Some years ago we called a friend of ours from Auckland who
was a surveyor to come and peg out our piece of land for us at the top of the
South Island of New Zealand. I remember watching him climb a tall mountain
behind our house cutting his way through the scrub, and eventually by using
various instruments, such as a theodolite he was able to gauge where our
boundary pegs should go. The old time surveyors certainly had a hard job, but
managed to peg out this country and the rest of the world using the knowledge
which they have gained over the years.

Along with many other government departments, much of this
system changed, along with the name, which brought confusion, and the new name
for the Land and Survey department was Terralink.

We read an interesting article now from the New Zealand
Herald, 5 February 2001, Troubled Terralink put up for sale.

"The first state asset sale since the
Labour-Alliance Government took office is under way, raising questions about its
pledge to end privatisations

Mapmaking state-owned enterprise Terralink is on the block,
after advice from receivers PricewaterhouseCoopers that it cannot be
successfully restructured

The business will be advertised overseas in a process that is
likely to take several months.

Shareholding ministers Michael Cullen (finance) and Mark
Burton (SOEs), while declining to comment on the decision, have refused to
rule out further sales if other state-owned businesses get into trouble

A spokesman for Deputy Prime Minister Jim Anderton said the
Alliance -– which has been even more firmly opposed to asset sales than Labour
-– had no comment. (author's note -– that's interesting isn't it?)...

Ironically, Terralink and Linz were once in the same
Government department. When they separated in 1996, it was Terralink that was
supposed to run on private-sector lines.

As a result of the receivership, 67 of Terralink's 280
staff have lost their jobs and more may follow...

Terralink has loans totalling $2.85 million from the

National's finance spokesman, Bill English, said the
decision to put Terralink on the market showed that the Government was in
disarray over what to do with SOEs...

Terralink is New Zealand's smallest state-owned enterprise
and the first to be placed in receivership under the new government regime..."
End Quote.

Therefore the name of the game in every country now is
'sell, sell , sell.' 'lose sovereignty, lose sovereignty, lose
sovereignty,' and become part of the global village, ultimately under the rule
of a biblical character called Antichrist.

We praise the Lord because Jesus is coming soon.