Sharon – The war man

Sharon - The war man

Sharon - The war man

Ariel Sharon
Ariel Sharon

The prophet Ezekiel 36:24, gives us the word of the Lord
regarding the nation of Israel.

“For I will take you from among the heathen, and gather you
out of all countries, and will bring you into your own land.”

There is no doubt about it, that God many, many years ago,
spoke by His prophets and said that the land now named by the Arabs Palestine,
is really called Israel and is situated at the Eastern end of the Mediterranean

For many years, prophetic preachers have pointed out that
Israel is God’s clock, and thus world events can be determined by what happens
in that land. However we have discovered in this our day, that Jerusalem is God’s
clock and whatever happens in that area will determine the future of the whole

It is not by accident therefore that the Lord, through His
prophet Zechariah 12:3 said:

“And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone
for all people, and all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces,
though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.”

The world has watched with interest as various folk have
tried to settle the problems in that area. Amongst them are, President Jimmy
Carter, Lord Carrington of the Margaret Thatcher government, Netanyahu, Peres,
Barak and now we see the war man come in whose name is Sharon.

Ariel Sharon is a man who will in no way give up the city of
Jerusalem, nor the sites that his predecessors were going to yield to the

On 10 February 2001, the Christchurch Press pointed out that:

“Israel’s two main party leaders will meet today for
coalition talks as Prime Minister-elect Ariel Sharon warned Palestinians that he
would only pursue peace negotiations if violence ended…” End Quote.

It is obvious that violence will not end as the horse has
begun to bolt and the Arabs, calling themselves Palestinians have so many power
groups pitted against Israel, that they will refuse to yield up their fighting
or their weapons.

Who is this man Sharon?

The Dominion Newspaper, 10 February 2001, headlines Saviour
or slayer?

“Israel has elected another general as its prime minister,
but Ariel Sharon is a military man like few others…

During the 1973 Yom Kippur War, Mr Sharon proved to be the
saviour of his nation…

In open conflict with his military and political commanders,
his unit forced its way through Egyptian lines, drove to the Suez Canal and
established a bridgehead that effectively left the Egyptians trapped in Sinai.

It was this turn of events that persuaded then Egyptian
president Anwar Sadat that Israel could not be defeated on the battlefield and a
political front had to be opened.

To Mr Sharon’s admirers, their man was the (accidental)
father of the peace process. Much of the Israeli establishment continued to
regard him as a loose cannon…

He is staunchly secular and scarcely observes the minimal
rituals of the Sabbath…

The most consistent feature of Mr Sharon’s career is his
candour. When he tells Palestinians they will extract nothing from him till
their violence stops, they would be advised to believe him. When he says he will
not surrender sovereignty over Jerusalem, this is not an open position. But when
he says he will concede territory in return for a non-belligerency pact that
sticks, then he is being equally honest…” End Quote.

The timing for this man’s rise to power is very interesting
in the light of Bible prophecy.

We now turn to Hosea 6:1-2,

“Come, and let us return unto the Lord, for he hath torn,
and he will heal us, he hath smitten, and he will bind us up. After two days
will he revive us, in the third day he will raise us up, and we shall live in
his sight.”

It is clear that from Christ two days of a thousand years
each have passed. Therefore we are moving into the period called the third day,
or the third thousand year since Christ.

The stage is now set for the return of the Lord and a final
showdown in the land of Israel to establish who is really in charge of that

It is clear that Sharon is Israel’s political weapon of
last resort.

The fact that the Middle East is moving towards war is not

“The 69th Air Defence Brigade – a two
battalion patriot missile brigade – is going through the process of deploying
overseas, meaning leaving Europe, and they’re going to Israel… Once the 69th
is deployed, this will send a signal to all terrorists… that the US is
definitely taking sides in a fight (in the Middle East) that all sides now admit
is a war.

The same source also said British SAS special forces troops
were preparing to deploy “to a desert climate” within three weeks.

Meanwhile, a separate report said the US military has ordered
soldiers with families living in Israel to send them home…

The spokesman said that last time Washington issued an “authorised
departure” for US citizens to leave Israel “was in December 1998, the last
time we conducted a sustained bombing of Iraq.” The time before that was in
1991 during the Gulf War.

However, the US State Department issued a travel advisory for
US citizens in Israel, the Gaza Strip and the West Bank Jan 12, warning that the
“US Government has indications that there is a heightened threat of terrorist
incidents” in the Jewish state…

“When you look at all the signals , it’s 10 years ago
again,” the source said, noting that other sources “who don’t know each
other are all saying the same things.”

“From all indicators, it looks like, the US is making
preparations for conflict in the Middle East.”…

Sources also confirmed earlier reports that Israel was
reinforcing its northern border with tanks, armoured personnel carriers and
troops in expectation of attacks that would come from guerrilla and terrorist
forces in Lebanon…” End quote.

Our office is constantly inundated with information on this
soon to be conducted Middle East War, we outline herewith some of the
information for your interest.

1. Israel has told it’s citizens to prepare for a real war
and has asked for a call-up of all reserves. 2. Arab states have entered into a
mutual defence pact. 3. Palestinian, Israeli, Arab relations are at the lowest
point since the 6 day war. 4. President Clinton’s Middle East interference
increased tensions and destroyed what peace had existed. 5. Bush Jnr has a score
to settle on behalf of his father, ex President George Bush, the man who engaged
us in the Gulf war but failed to take down Saddam Hussein… a failure for which
he had been severely criticised. 6. The economy is in trouble with the recession
predicted. 7. The US military is gearing up for war in the Middle East. 8. All
US forces in Europe and the Middle East have been placed on alert. 9. Patriot
missiles are being made ready for deployment to Israel.

The goal of the war will be to solve the Palestinian –
Israel problem with finality, completely destroy the Arab capability to
make war upon Israel, and to capture or kill Saddam Hussein.

One of the most exciting cuttings sent to me was from the New
Zealand Herald, 9 February 2001, Ram’s horn blast as Sharon lays claim to
all of Jerusalem.

“Ariel Sharon laid claim to all of Jerusalem as Israel’s
“eternal capital” yesterday, as Palestinians responded defiantly to the
election triumph of a man reviled as a war criminal across the Arab world…

Sharon… urged Palestinians to end their four-month revolt
and to negotiate a “realistic peace.”…

To the blare of a ram’s horn, Sharon offered thanksgiving
prayers at Jerusalem’s Western Wall and staked Israel’s claim to all of the
city “for all eternity.”

Following in the footsteps of past Israeli election winners,
Sharon placed his right hand on the stones of Judaism’s holiest site and read
from the prayer book in his other hand.

“I am visiting Jerusalem, the capital of the Jewish people
for the past 3000 years and the united and indivisible capital of Israel –
with the Temple Mount as its centre – for all eternity,” Sharon told

His unyielding message contrasted sharply with compromises on
Jerusalem offered by Barak in peace talks with Palestinians….” End Quote.

It is therefore clear that in the light of a Middle East
War, the attack will come from both within and without and should God not fight
for Israel, then they cannot possibly win, but be sure of this, as it happened
before it will happen again. Jehovah will fight on the side of Israel as the
land belongs to them by right.

When Christ, the Messiah, returns He will put paid to the
conflict once and for all, but in the mean time we expect a massive war and then
a seven year peace treaty to be confirmed by a man called Antichrist.

This seven year treaty will be broken after three and a half
years and the world will enter a period called Great Tribulation.

To all believers in Christ we say, “Look up for your
redemption draweth nigh.” Luke 21:28