Advice to Japan

Advice to Japan

Advice to Japan - Wipe off bad debts

During the month of March, whilst conducting lectures in both
Brisbane and the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia, we were shocked to read in
our daily newspaper that Japan had got to the point of bankruptcy and the
newspapers told us that 24 hours of nervousness was following.

The next thing we read was that Prime Minister Mori went
across to have discussions with

George Bush about the sad state of both economies. We noted
in the article that Japan had invested over the years, half a trillion dollars
in American companies, and so on, and should the Japanese economy collapse, then
the Japanese would withdraw that money from the land of America and crash the
American economy thus bringing down the whole world system.

Readers of this newspaper need to be aware that we are
presenting facts little known to the average man in the world today, and it pays
to take note of these things.

The strange thing about all this is that both countries have
been advising one another on what to do next instead of looking after their own

We quote herewith from the Christchurch Press, 26
March 2001: "US zeroes in on Japan - United States Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill
has asked Japan to write off bad assets and open its markets to global
competition, to become 'an important engine' of world economic growth.

'One of their major problems is that they've got assets
on their books that are simply not there,' Mr O'Neill said yesterday. He
equated Japan's ills with the US savings and loan crisis in the early 1990s,
'a problem that they need to deal with' by taking big write-offs, he said.

'The other single thing they need to do is open their
markets up to world prices. And then I think everything else in Japan will take
care of itself."

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori, poised to step down
soon, met US President George W. Bush in Washington last week."

One of the hardest things the Japanese businessmen will ever
have to do is to open up their businesses to investors from overseas, thus
losing the control that they have held for generations -– family after family.

We are living in the days of the mystery of iniquity when the
whole world is being forced through organised and arranged circumstances to sell
out the sovereignty of their countries little by little, until the global
village is set up and the world is run by one man in particular called, by the
Word of God, Antichrist.

All this is a prelude to the return of our Lord and Saviour,
Jesus Christ, who said, "If I go away, I will come again."

He's coming within the space of one generation, and as it
happens, this is the generation He spoke of.