Cry out to God

Cry out to God

Cry out to God

During a visit to Tiberius at this particular time in 2001,
we met again with our friends Eric and Terri Morey. These two run a very lovely
business called The Galilee Experience where thousands and thousands of people
each year see in illustrated form, a very powerful slide presentation of the
life of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Just before leaving the town recently, Terri sent an envelope
to me with the following article in it, which I believe was a cry from the
heart: "CRY OUT TO GOD -– Enough, enough....why are we, who are called by His
name not calling on Him who has said of us 'you are my will be
a light to the gentiles' are chosen...His chosen ones...why...why are we
as a nation saying...if this violence does not stop we will begin a war...

Why, why can we not see...why is our faith so limited...we
see millions of people come here to walk in the land where the Bible was written...the
land where the prophets talked...walked...where Jesus proclaimed "I and my
Father are One, if you have seen Me you have seen the Father'...why why why
are we watching the news daily, reading the newspapers, listening to the radio
for the horrible reports of the most hate filled crimes against us by our
neighbours...some of whom live within minutes of our cities...and whose doctrine
explains that we must kill the Jews....why are we not calling out to the One who
has given us His word...which is the only truth we can believe....and yet we
read so many other books...not the Book...not the only Book that God says he

Why, why, in a few days we will have an anniversary of the 6
day war, we know that the war we won in 1967 was miraculous, yet I have heard
Israelis speak of how our wonderful army, and our strategy that caused us to
foil the enemy, yes we were a fledging people of 2 1/2 million and we were
surrounded by haters numbering 90,000,000 people....yet we won.....there were
things seen in that war by the hand of God....and it was over
was won by ...we that know Him know He interceded for His people. Israel,.

Why isn't a day of national fasting called right now, why
isn't this nation begging God to help us...what more do we need to see before
we wake up to the facts that these enemies are following their Koran which tells
them the Jews are their enemies, and so are the Christians...according to their
own words....we need God to fight this battle ....

Even horrible stories of weddings, floors collapsing, killing
many, during a celebration supposed to be of joy, of a baby being forgotten and
left in a car, and is found dead....of a water supply that has become
dangerously low, and we think of desalinization, of getting water from Turkey....who
are we anyhow, why do we take the money from the tourists so that they can see
the land where it was all written and we who live here do not call on Him ...pour
out our hearts to Him....cry out to Him....why??????????....

Oh God, if writing this little summation of what I feel can
do anything to relieve my heart, I ask you to use this letter, please
heart is so heavy with what I see and hear...I believe in You Lord and I know if
these people would fast and pray and seek your face they would find you....according
to 2 Chronicles 7:14.", written by, E. Terri Morey, Poriya Elite,