Doctrines of demons

Doctrines of demons

Doctrines of demons

We have known for many years that there are certain churches
who command their priests not to marry, and this of course, is the cause of
great tragedy in the lives of many thousands of men.

We quote now from 1 Timothy 4:1-3: "Now the Spirit speaketh
expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving
heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; Speaking lies in hypocrisy;
having their conscience seared with a hot iron; Forbidding to marry..."

Of all the doctrines of devils, this one would be the cause
of much sexual deviation in the lives of those who have believed this lie of the
devil. We quote now from the Daily Telegraph, 3 May 2001, "...Two
former trainee priests claim there is an illicit homosexual underworld in the
Roman Catholic Church.

The two homosexuals, who have since left the priesthood,
allege that seminarians have had sex with each other inside the elite English
College in Rome.

Chris Higgins and Dr Dennis Caulfield, students at the
college in the Nineties, make their revelations in a documentary for Channel 4,
called Queer and Catholic, to be shown on Saturday night.

The disclosures are a further blow to the Catholic Church of
England and Wales which is struggling to recover from a string of damaging abuse

The Archbishop of Westminster, Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor,
was a student at the English College in the Fifties and then rector in the
Seventies. None of the allegations involves him or his students.

The Pope teaches that homosexual acts are 'contrary to
nature' and, in an encyclical in 1986, he said homosexual sex was 'intrinsically
evil.' But the documentary's presenter, Mark Dowd, who is homosexual and a
former Dominican friar, claims there is a deep-rooted hypocrisy and that the
Catholic priesthood is a 'gay profession.'

In the programme Mr Higgins and Dr Caulfield, a hospital
doctor, say they began a homosexual relationship in Rome and continued it after
Mr Higgins was ordained in Sheffield in 1999.

They describe how homosexual seminarians were 'cruising'
bars, clubs and parks looking for casual sex.

'Some defined celibacy as not falling in love, so one-night
stands were permitted,' said

Mr Higgins, now a probation officer. 'Whatever they did in
a bush, in a park in the middle of Rome, they were still celibate in that their
heart belonged to God.'"

This teaching is an old heresy called antinomianism, which
means it doesn't matter very much what you do with your body, provided your
spirit is still in tune with the Lord.

Any Christian believer of course, will know this is not the
teaching of the scripture, and that homosexuality is definitely forbidden by
God. God entitles this particular practice, a vile affection.

The strange thing is that there are many churches today who
call themselves Christian, who are even discussing as to whether they should
allow gay clergy to stand in their pulpits.

We quote now from the NZ Herald, 7 May 2001, entitled:
"Gay row sends worshippers down the road -– A row over gay clergy left 300
members of a Methodist congregation holding their service yesterday under a
makeshift marquee.

While regular worshippers attended the Tongan Methodist
Church in Otahuhu, the rebels -– the bulk of the congregation -– assembled in
front of a house around the corner.

Tarpaulins and rusty steel poles transformed a garage and
driveway to make a place of worship for the faithful, who were locked out of the
church in February...

Tension within the Otahuhu congregation stems from a vote
last year to leave the Methodist Church of NZ because of the appointment of
homosexual minister the Rev David Bromwell in 1997 to a key leadership position
in Christchurch...

The bulk of the Otahuhu congregation, disgusted with the
church's gay-friendly attitudes, was subsequently locked out by Methodist
leaders in February after threats were made..."

The key to the whole question is do you believe the Word of
God. If you do, then take note of what It says on every issue and obey.

As the Bible says, to obey is better than sacrifice and to
hearken than the fat of rams.