Implant chips – His & Hers

Implant chips - His & Hers

Implant chips - His & Hers

The NZ Herald, 8 May 2001, headlined "Togetherness
-– with chips -– Surgeons are preparing to create the first husband and wife
cyborgs by implanting computer chips in a British professor and his wife to see
if they communicate sensation and movement by thought alone.

The professor hopes it will show how two brains can interact,
said the report in the London Sunday Times.

Doctors at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, who will perform the
surgery, were quoted as saying they hoped it would lead to new treatments for
paralysis victims.

Long the realm of science-fiction, cybernetic organisms -–
or cyborgs -– are human beings whose bodies have been 'enhanced' by
technical means.

In the experiment Kevin Warwick, professor of cybernetics at
Reading University, and his wife, Irena, will have silicon chips about 5cm long
implanted in their arms just above the elbow.

Each chip will also have a power source, a tuner and a radio

The chips will be surgically connected to nerve fibres in the
couple's arms.

The signals from Professor Warwick's chip will be converted
to radio waves and transmitted to a computer which will re-transmit them to the
chip in his wife's arm.

He believes that when he moves his own fingers, his brain
will also be able to move his wife's fingers.

They may even be able to communicate anger and excitement,
because emotions also stimulate nerve activity.

'It is like putting a plug into the nervous system,' he

'If I move my left index finger by sending signals to move
the muscles, those signals will also be transmitted to Irena's nervous system.

'We know the signal is transmissible.

'The question is whether it will be recognised in the same
way by Irena,' Professor Warwick said.

The signal could reach his wife's brain as well as her

Not surprisingly, she is wary.

'I have mixed feelings because I'm worried about the
operation, being under an anesthetic,' she said.

'On the other hand, it is exciting.'

Apart from the novelty and excitement, she does not want her
husband to be 'linked up to another woman.'"

This looks very much to me, like a prelude to that which is
recorded in the book of Revelation 13, where the new money system of the world
will be called the mark of the beast.