The ultimate agenda

The ultimate agenda

The ultimate agenda

If one doesn't get you, the other one will.

For many years we have watched the takeover of the countries
of the world, starting with New Zealand in the year 1987, through a clever trap
laid by the International Monetary Fund, where money is lent and conditions are
signed by the governments who receive this money.

Those conditions involve the restructuring of each country
and ultimately the selling out of each country's sovereignty.

If you were trying to plan a world government, the questions
must need to be asked, "how would you persuade each country to yield up its
sovereignty?" The answer of course, must be that no country of any repute
would be willing to yield up sovereignty and therefore it must be
surreptitiously removed without the people of those countries suspecting what is
taking place.

The point of the argument is that you cannot sell government
departments to overseas people, but you can sell private companies to overseas
people. Therefore, the name of the game is restructuring.

The next word is corporatisation, leading on to privatisation
of those ex-government departments, leading on to shares being sold at 49 per
cent overseas and then upping the shares to 51 per cent overseas. At that
particular point, those assets which were formerly owned by the government of
each country, are now in private overseas hands never to be returned again.

Some countries in the east resisted this plan as they could
see the devilish nature behind it. Such countries as China, Taiwan, Malaysia and
Singapore did not take kindly to the borrowing of money from the International
Monetary Fund or any other group and therefore resisted (with everything they
have) from watching their sovereignty being stolen from them by degrees.

However, the world government people had another string to
their bow and introduced a group called the World Trade Organisation, which does
the job slightly differently and yet the end result is the same -– the yielding
up of national sovereignty and the coming in under the rule of world government

We at this office have warned of these things for years, and
being a Christian group have not been listened to by a majority of people.

However, in these days in the year 2001, leading into the new
millennium, we see many millions of people around the world are beginning to
understand what is going on, and it is for this reason battles are taking place
in the streets of our major cities as groups like the International Monetary
Fund, the World Bank and the World Trade Organisation hold their meetings.

We quote from the Weekend Herald, 28-29 April 2001,
"Trading blows at freedom's fortress -– Fran O'Sullivan watched
the battles for the public mind on free trade, fought by spin doctors and police
with tear gas...

Welcome to the Battle of the Boulevard Rene-Levesque.

The anti-corporate protesters had failed to scuttle the
Summit of the Americas.

Unlike the Seattle talks on a new negotiating round for the
World Trade Organisation 18 months ago, police were prepared. But the message of
just what they were protecting -– and its fundamental importance to the
economic health of much of the Americas -– remains undersold.

Inside the fortress of old Quebec City, behind the historic
fortifications and a 3m steel fence, President George W. Bush had just
recommitted himself to free trade -– US style.

Making a bottom-line case for the negotiations which would
ultimately unite 34 Western Hemisphere nations in an enormous trade alliance
from the Arctic Circle to Tierra del Fuego, Mr Bush was not deterred by the
action of outside. 'There are some in my country who want to shut down free

They are welcome to express their opinions. But it's not
going to change my opinion about the benefits of free trade.'

Mr Bush's strong leadership is essential if the Free Trade
Area of the Americas agreement is to be cemented on schedule in 2005.

If he cannot get domestic backing for the free-trade cause,
other nations, such as Brazil and Venezuela, will not surrender their

The agenda will simply slide...

Trade promotion authority -– as the Bush regime
euphemistically terms fast track -– in essence gives the US President the power
to make trade deals with other countries without the risk that Congress might
alter agreements during the legislative phase.

They can vote the legislation up or down, but they cannot
change it...

In New Zealand, free trade is attacked by organisations
such as Gatt Watchdog as globilisation by stealth

Media and civil society groups overlooked the fact that Mr
Bush must use the democratic process to gain authority for fast track.

The 34 leaders have endorsed moves to exclude any country
from joining the Free Trade Area of the Americas if there is any 'unconstitutional
alteration or interruption of the democratic order of the state.'...

Compellingly, Mr Bush and most of the leaders present at the
summit were democratically elected.

But what legitimate authority did the protesters represent as
they hurled rocks at police and smashed the plywood sheets covering the windows
of Quebec houses, shouting: 'One. Two. Three. Four. We don't want free trade
no more.'...

When anti-capitalist protesters first came from nowhere and
ruined the image of the Seattle trade talks with well-orchestrated violence, the
media were as unprepared as the WTO organisers...

Prague. Melbourne. Davos. Names which easily trip from the
tongues of protesters and journalists alike...

The 3m fence Quebec protesters attacked as the Wall of Shame
hardly matches the Berlin Wall for its imagery and import. In Berlin, the wall
existed to keep people from escaping to freedom; in Quebec, it existed to
protect democratically elected leaders from threatened violence...

Washington Post...: 'And on the second day of the
Summit of the Americas, Quebec's Old City remained a war zone smothered in
tear gas and littered in defiance as thousands of protesters again tore down the
gates that separated them from prime ministers and presidents meeting on the
other side.'...

Late yesterday, the action switched to Washington DC.
Protesters were preparing for a demonstration at an IMF meeting as a prelude to
the annual IMF/World Bank bash this year which attracts finance groupies of
every persuasion -– ministers, treasurers, central bankers, policy wonks,
journalists and strategists..." (emphases added).

"And just what is all this about?" I hear you cry.

The book of Revelation 16:19 tells us:

"And the great city was divided into three parts, and the
cities of the nations fell: and great Babylon came in remembrance before God,...".

Some years ago Mr David Rockefeller in America set up the
Tri-lateral Commission with the following aims:

To divide the world into three regions exactly as the book of
Revelation predicted, and these regions would be Europe, using the Euro dollar
and having its own standing army; the Americas from the northern tip of Alaska
to the southern tip of South America, using the US dollar and having their own
standing army; and the third region was to be Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation
(APEC) involving the countries of South East Asia along with Australia and New
Zealand, with their own currency (yet to be devised) and their own standing army
(yet to be set up).

We can now sit back and watch all these things taking place
eg :

From the Daily Telegraph, 7 May 2001, "Guatemala
welcomes the dollar -– Guatemala is the latest Latin American country to
succumb to the dollar after employees were allowed to demand pay in US currency.

The Guatemalan government said it did not want to replace the
local currency, the quetzal Neighbouring El Salvador made a similar decision at
the start of the year. By last month, about 72 million pounds of US notes were
in circulation, nearly a fifth of the total currency circulating.

Latin America's move to the dollar, still seen by the Left
as symbolising US hegemony, began when Ecuador adopted it a year ago...

The signing last month in Quebec of a proposal to create a
free trade area of the Americas by 2005 is likely to accelerate the trend."

USA Today, 27 April 2001, headlines "U.S. dollar
gains currency throughout Latin America- Tired of spending precious vacation
time searching for a place to change money? Plan your next foreign adventure in
Latin America. In what has been dubbed 'dollarization,' a growing number of
Latin American countries are accepting the dollar as an official or de facto
currency, which means U.S. travellers can use greenbacks to purchase just about
anything. The latest country to see green: El Salvador, which kicked off the new
year by making the U.S. dollar an official currency. The move comes less than a
year after Ecuador, fed up with run-away inflation, eliminated its currency, the
sucre, in favour of the dollar (even the country's automatic teller machines
spit out dollars). Guatemala could switch to the dollar in three to six months,
currency experts say. And in Peru and many tourist areas in Mexico, the dollar
is now accepted, though it's not an official currency. 'A lot of countries
are watching the experience of Ecuador and Argentina (which has pegged its
currency to the dollar),' says Brendan Walsh, general manager of foreign
exchange services at American Express.

Dollarization means 'you know exactly what you're paying,'
Walsh says. But in countries where both the dollar and a local currency
circulate, the dollar price can be higher than the local currency price, he
warns. So you may be better off searching for a place to change money."

I hope this is clear to the reader, and with all this
information you can now study the newspaper and watch as all the satanic plans
that are being devised by the devil himself come to fruition in your life time.

Praise God we have the blessed hope ahead of us, the coming
again of our Lord Jesus Christ.