Letters To The Editor

Letters To The Editor

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor

"My name is Julius Blake. I was born in Hungary in 1926 and
was born again in 1976. Over the 24 years I have received many spiritual
messages from the Spirit of God...I would like to ask you if it is possible to
put this message in the Omega Times newspaper...if they (people) take this
message in their heart, many Christians can be free from bondages." Julius

'Blessed are those who can delight in forgiveness, because
they love their fellow man as themselves; for they possess the mercy of Jesus
and His spirit resides in them'.

Dear Julius

How good to hear from you and receive your message of hope
and deliverance. I know first hand what happens when we 'finally let go' of
un-forgiveness...how pleasant it is to be free. Your message is lovely and I'm
sure will encourage people to move on with Jesus. Ed

Dear Ed

"...in letters to editor April edition, you were replying
to correspondence concerning false prophets and their teaching. For me you
really hit the nail on the head when you said "some of the most authoritative
watchmen I know are miserable and display no more Christ-likeness than those
they seek to expose (even though I agree largely with their message)." Some
years ago I lived in the South Pacific, friends sent me several publications by
'watchmen'. I tried very hard to oblige and read them but could not. All
they brought was distaste and a feeling of (almost) disgust and repugnance...one
quoted a passage from a book that I had read at least fifteen times and his 'quote'
was not at all what the book had said...I felt he was deliberately twisting and
distorting the authors words to add authority to his own writings... Sherran
Kaulima, Victoria

Dear Sherran

Someone told me years ago that it is always easier to speak
against something or someone than to speak 'for' something or someone. This
would appear to be a human truth! I know we have to speak out against deception!
This is not an issue. But speaking against people and pushing personal vendetta's
is not the spirit of Christ...pretending as if we are God's mouthpiece is also
very scary! I am reminded that God is not willing that any should perish...He
wants His people to do well, not to be negative and dwell in the mud everyday.

Dear Ed

"Over here and in Australia, and on trial, we have just
introduced -– ATM's which are operated by the use of the mobile telephone...these
ATM's are leading us to: The Mark Of The Beast System for buying and selling
Rev 13:16-18...Would I be correcting in assuming that the key to the whole
process is gradualism?... Bible prophecy is being fulfilled at a very rapid rate
and the introduction for the mark of the beast system is almost upon us"
Robert Muir, Victoria

Dear Robert

Mankind has no choice but to keep developing...we have no
option but to move forward into improvements in technology and science. Our big
problem is that we worship the created rather than the Creator -– and because
of that we receive a lie (false system of the antichrist). A lot of the
developments in technology provide more convenience - and we are a more
sophisticated population -– always demanding more! If the source of science was
declared to be God the creator it could all be different -– but alas, we are
apparently the masters of our own destiny, and we will pay the price for moving
away from God! A lot of disease and famine in the world today is a direct result
of our meddling with God's plan... It is amazing to think we have not learnt
from history but are 'conquering new frontiers' without seeking God, again
and again. It all comes unstuck in a future time, and mankind will see the
enormity of our rebellious independence -– but it will be too late, this earth
will have been destroyed! For those of us who believe -– God has a new home and
economy system prepared for us. We'll enjoy what time we have left here, and
then move on to something far better! Christian love. Ed