Plan to tax your home

Plan to tax your home

Plan to tax your home (Fabianism)

Many years ago when I commenced speaking on these subjects of
world government, it was revealed to me that the folk who were in charge of the
plan were following the three planks of Fabian Socialism i.e.:

  1. Gradualism. Sneak up on the people and when the time
    is right, hit hard, and never deviate from your plan otherwise all your
    waiting has been in vain.
  2. Dispossession. Separate the people from the land and
    real estate and the real estate and the land from the people as ownership of
    property gives one a feeling of security. This must be removed at all costs.
  3. Pauperisation. Destroy every sector of society using
    the best method possible.

It was for this reason that the five men in the Labour Party
in 1987 that we have named so many times, followed the Fabian plan, and should
readers wish to understand what these people are up to, it is important to
remember the three stages of introducing their dirty work to your country.

Stage 1) Leak it.

Stage 2) Deny it.

Stage 3) Do it.

Stage 1) Leak it. This came from the OECD, who have just had
a New Zealander involved in politics, Mr Simon Upton, join their ranks.

Stage 2) This is the denial and we read in the NZ Herald,
22 June 2001:

"Cullen rejects home tax proposal -– The Finance Minister
swats away a big vote loser after his office is swamped by more than a thousand
protest calls.

Finance Minister Michael Cullen has rejected a radical
proposal to tax the family home after a public outcry.

'As long as I am Minister of Revenue, such a new tax will
not be introduced,' he told Parliament yesterday...

Several radio talkback hosts, including former Alliance MP
Pam Corkery, urged listeners to phone Dr Cullen and object to a home tax.

In response, he issued a statement saying he had rejected a
similar proposal by the OECD last year...

Irresponsible media reporting of the proposal, 'as if it
came from me and was Government policy,' had caused him to break his silence.

Opposition leader Jenny Shipley also attacked the idea. On
Wednesday, she had described the overall review as a golden opportunity for
intelligent debate." (one minute she's for it and the next minute she's
against it. What does that tell you?).

On 21 June, the day before Dr Cullen made his denial, we read
from the Dominion, the headline

"Plan to tax your home -– Family homes and residential
investment properties would be taxed as part of a radical overhaul of the tax
system promoted by a Government-appointed independent review team yesterday.

The estimated $750 million raised by the new housing tax
would provide scope for income tax cuts, the committee chaired by accounting
firm Arthur Andersen managing partner Rob McLeod said in issuing a provisional
discussion paper."

Author's note: Absolute nonsense.

"...'The easiest thing for us to have done would have
been to drop this hot potato and not raise it,' Mr McLeod said when asked
about the slim prospects of the idea gaining political support..."

As we have often pointed out in our lectures, the world
government folk put plans like this on their agenda and use the breaking-in of a
horse as an illustration.

One method is to move up to the horse and flick it with a
sack, at which point the horse rears up with fright. The trainer moves back and
then comes in again flicking the horse once more with the sack, at which the
horse rears up but not quite so high on this occasion.

The world government people will try something out, and if
the opposition is too great from the voting public, they move back and move in
again later at a more convenient time when the people have become more used to
the idea.

Doubt it not, we are living in the days of a massive
conspiracy where people's minds are being continually manipulated by powers in
touch with the supernatural power of Satan or Lucifer himself.

For those who may think we are speaking freely without any
facts, we invite you to look at the eye in the triangle at the back of every
American dollar bill and notice that he is setting up a heathenistic un-Godly
New World Government during your life time.

Read the words in Latin and have them translated. John 14:1-3:
"LET NOT your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in
me. In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I
would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a
place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there
ye may be also."

The words of Jesus. Receive Him and be saved.