Will Won win?

Will Won win?

Will Won win?

For some time now we have pointed out that according to the
Trilateral Commission, the world was to be divided into three regions, i.e.

Europe with the Euro and their own standing army.

The Americas with the Dollar and their own standing army.

Asia-Pacific with their own currency and their own standing

There has been talk of an Anzac currency between Australia
and New Zealand, yet it would seem that an Asian currency would be more
applicable as the Asian countries are far more important in world trade than
either Australia or New Zealand.

We have suggested in public meetings that possibly the Won or
the Yen could be the money for our side of the world, and therefore we were very
interested to read in the Business Herald, during the month of July, "Won
in winning mood -– The Korean won spent the first half of this year being
pulled down by the Japanese yen.

Money manager Desmond Soon says the second half may be
different as Korea outstrips Japan in both exports and foreign investment.

Consider this: Korea's exports rose 12 per cent in May,
while Japan's dropped 1.3 per cent....

There were no reports of large foreign investment in Japan....

'I expect the won to outperform the yen,' said Mr Soon,
who helps invest $US55 million in Asia and the Pacific for Pacific Asset
Management in Singapore...

The question now, some say, is which country will recover

Reports have shown Japan and Korea's economies moving in
opposite directions..."

At this point in history, who really knows? Keep watching
with us.

To those who have not been following the articles in our
newspaper, we point out that the Scriptural reference for the final world empire
is Revelation 16:19, where this final world empire is referred to as mystery

Read this portion at your own convenience and marvel.