Israel is preparing for war

Israel is preparing for war

Israel is preparing for war

Arial Sharon
Arial Sharon

I find that one of the most frustrating aspects of having a
knowledge of Bible prophecy is knowing the future, and waiting for them to get
on with it.

We quote herewith from the South African Citizen
newspaper, 24 July 2001

"Israel is preparing for war.

Israel is preparing for a war against the Arab States.

This was the reaction of the Palestinian Ambassador to South
Africa to reports that Israel had opened bureaus in nine cities across the world
to call up Israelis living abroad for military service.

"Prime Minister Sharon is preparing for a war," said
Salman El Herfi, Palestinian Ambassador in South Africa. "For what other
reason is he opening offices? He is threatening Palestine. He wants to launch a
war against the Arab States and is preparing Israelis everywhere."

The Israeli Defence Force on Saturday announced recruitment
bureaus would be opened in Johannesburg, Frankfurt, Bombay, Bangkok, London,
Paris, Amsterdam, Los Angeles and New York to ensure that Israelis abroad could
be brought home to serve "in the event of a real emergency situation". Any
Israeli living abroad for over a year or on a holiday would be eligible for

El Herfi told The Citizen Palestine took this very
seriously. "We are warning all of our friends of this new development. We will
not take it lightly."

He said there were at least 10,000 Israeli Reservists in
South Africa alone. "Maybe they are also looking for South African mercenaries
to fight against the Palestinian people."

The Israeli Embassy yesterday refused to comment on the
Bureaus or the reasons behind the openings of such offices, only saying they
were looking into the reports and awaiting instructions.

Asked whether the new recruitment offices were a sign that
Israel was preparing for the possibility of fighting more intensely than the
current low level warfare, an Israeli spokesman said "We have to be prepared
for every eventuality."

Jewish organisations in South Africa were tight lipped about
the situation, refusing to comment. According to a spokesperson for one such
organisation, who preferred to remain anonymous, historically Israelis have
returned to join the military when requested."