NZ for sale…

NZ for sale...

NZ for sale...

A strange thing is taking place.

Although we know that we are officially part of South East
Asia, which is one of the three areas set up for world government, there is now
talk of region no. 2., the Americas, endeavouring to intrude upon our territory
through an agreement called Nafta.

The Business Herald, 11 July 2001, has a headline "A
risky double-edged sword -– In a study of New Zealand's monetary arrangements
commissioned by the Business Roundtable, economist Professor Hartley says
that it is now widely accepted that targeting monetary policy on lifting
economic growth or employment is likely to do more harm than good ...

The debate about monetary union with Australia has focused on
weighing the benefits of reduced transaction costs and greater economic
integration against the costs of the loss of a flexible national exchange rate
as a shock-absorber...

Professor Hartley also considers two ways New Zealand might
hitch its monetary wagon to the mighty US dollar.

There would still be NZ dollars in circulation but they would
be convertible on demand to US dollars at a fixed rate...

Or, under outright dollarisation, US dollars would circulate.
The Reserve Bank would disappear.

New Zealand would be in the same position as Hawaii, but with
some important exceptions:

  • It would have no influence on decisions of the Federal
    Reserve, whose policy would apply here.
  • New Zealanders would have no right to migrate to the US.
  • No federal tax dollars would come our way.
  • Unless there was a free trade agreement, there would be
    far greater barriers to trade with North American markets...

'Dollarising without reaching a free trade agreement with
United States may do little to attract new investment to New Zealand.'

It would be difficult for New Zealand to compete with Mexico
(which has open trade access to the US under the Nafta pact) as a location for
manufacturing firms wishing to serve the North American market.

Dollarisation also runs the risk of harming New Zealand firms'
competitiveness in Australian markets when the US dollar appreciates relative to
the Australian, as it did for much of the late 1990s." (emphasis added).

We merely inserted this article for your consideration, that
you may understand the massive manipulations world-wide, that are taking place
whilst the rest of the world's population remain in blissful ignorance.