Why did they execute Timothy McVeigh

Why did they execute Timothy McVeigh

Why did they execute Timothy McVeigh

The Final Jihad
Too close to the truth

There was something very strange about the Oklahoma bombing
and at the time, much of the information was kept hidden by the United States

Timothy McVeigh, went to his death with no apparent emotion,
apparently understanding that he was involved in a cause which was far greater
than death. Some have suggested that he had a silicon chip in his body, and that
he was under mind control -– this making it possible to face death in such a

He was told that he was the only one involved and yet those
who have examined the situation, including a man called Major-General Parton, ex
US Airforce, begged the United States government not to demolish the building
until he had examined it.

This explosives expert points out that there were other bombs
laid on the third floor under the main pillars which supported the building, and
thus Timothy McVeigh's bomb did very little structural damage to the outside
of the building and was not responsible for the death of all those persons in
the building.

It has also been pointed out that at the time of the
explosion, the members of the BATF, who were normally situated on the ninth
floor, were all out on that particular day.

To continue on with the strange things that took place on
that day, we quote from Power of Prophecy put out by Texe Marrs, August
2001: "...Take, for example, the carnage in Oklahoma City. Did Oklahoma
Governor Frank Keating help to coverup the awful truth of government involvement
in the 'terrorist' bloodletting in his state? In fact, the evidence is
staggering that the answer is, yes. The object of the Oklahoma City
bombing by the government was to conduct a prescribed 'Blood Game' to anger
and excite the American public against a designated enemy: patriots,
nationalists, and militia. Keating's state of Oklahoma presumably was chosen
because the Governor formerly had been an FBI agent and also once had served as
Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in Washington, D.C., supervising the Secret
Service, U.S. Customs Service, and the notorious and murderous Bureau of
Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF). Other members of the Keating clan were
active in government intelligence.

Now comes the shocker! Is it just a curious coincidence that
the Governor's own Brother, Martin Keating, authored a manuscript for a novel
in 1991, four years before the actual Oklahoma City bombing and slaughter, a
novel which amazingly foresaw key events of the terrorist act? The manuscript by
Martin Keating, titled The Final Jihad, had for its plot an account of
terrorists, based in Oklahoma City, who decide to bomb a federal building. And
the name of one of the terrorists in Keating's book is -– get this -– a 'Tom
McVey!' That's right, Tom McVey.

Now for the clincher: In The Final Jihad, this
supposedly fictional novel by Keating, the terrorists are apprehended when their
car is stopped by an Oklahoma highway patrolman for a broken tail-light. This,
of course, we are told by the FBI, is exactly how the real Tim McVeigh was

Was the real Timothy McVeigh simply a hapless patsy, the same
kind of patsy as was luckless Lee Harvey Oswald some four decades prior?

Moreover, was the slaughter of 168 men, women and children in
Oklahoma City carried out according to a preapproved movie script? I was not
surprised to hear recently that CBS-TV is planning a dramatic miniseries based
on the bombing and on the execution by lethal injection of designated patsy,

Tim McVeigh (aka Tom McVey?)"

The two seals on the back of every American one dollar bill
tell us that the whole system has been set up with occult connotations and
therefore we are not surprised at anything strange that happens in that country.

God, however, has His eye on the situation and that country
will be brought to its knees very shortly as they have turned against God in
these latter days.