From the Editor

From the Editor

From the Editor

Dear Friends

It has been an extraordinary week... the distressing
happenings in New York and Washington have shocked and awakened us... For many,
the horror of what we witnessed live on CNN and other media sources will never
be forgotten, and the most we could do to help -– was pray. As I watched with
tears in my eyes, Psalm 116:15 came to mind "Precious in the sight of the Lord
is the death of His saints" -– and also Matthew 10:29 "Are not two sparrows
sold for a farthing? And one of them shall not fall on the ground without your
Father knowing". You see, regardless of a person's profession re/.
commitment to Christianity, Father God loves His creation...and watches.

As with any significant world happening, within hours of 'the
event' the views of the public (including you and I) began to emerge.
The black and white ones amongst us manage to put aside the emotion of
the moment to point out God's judgement. Others, too moved with compassion to
try to summarise...pray for the Invisible One to help. Those of us who
have anticipated, but dreaded the thought of this day, comfort ourselves with
the thought of Jesus return...knowing that things will not get better -– but
worse! Keep in the back of your mind the story of Jonah -– and we get a clear
picture of the heart of God -– He is not willing that any should perish!

In this edition of Omega Times I trust you will find useful
information to assist your thinking and discernment. But more -– that you will
be challenged to see 'beyond what is seen to what is not seen...where
God is at work 2 Corinthians 4:16-18.

The Body of Christ -– many members, diversities of gifts and
administrations -– but with one purpose. This sounds like one for the too hard
, except that this is God's plan and at some point 'He' will
provide the catalyst which focuses our attention back to the one purpose.
It's a challenge being passionate about your work, and acknowledging that
there are others doing things differently, who are just as passionate about what
they're doing. What a shame that it is human to be self centred! The 'Many
hands make light work' proverb may in fact be true...but we will
continue on our lonesome way
- our way. Jesus words "If they're
not against us, they're for us" would seem to make sense -– but then we
take pole position again and wonder where everyone else fits in.

A very positive aspect of Judaism is that because the Torah
is the text book, and is used in a calendar format (systematically read), on the
Sabbath, at any given Synagogue the world over -– pretty much the same message
is being presented, the same focus explored! Therefore a unity is being
established week in - week out! This unity has held God's chosen people
together (in the cultural sense) for many centuries -– whilst we, God's
other chosen people
, do it our way. I can't see any way around the problem
we face! We will never, in our strength achieve unity...

But then -– God is here! He is not under any pressure or
confused by the complexities of His creation...He will bring it to pass as He
desires. Did you know that God has 'many people' in each town who haven't
bowed their knees to the system of this world...when we feel we're the last of
the righteous ones left, keep listening to the still small voice who whispers
'all is well, keep going -– you're a part of a bigger picture'. Isn't
that liberating!

At Omega Times, we present a picture 'as we see it'. Our
message has a place, though it is only a part of the overall picture...colourful
jigsaw pieces really. I'm looking forward to a day, when we can embrace one
another, putting aside our individual agendas -– and focussing on God's!
Until then...we have work to do.

Andrew Smith