Greenspan plays it safe

Greenspan plays it safe

Greenspan plays it safe

Alan Greenspan
Alan Greenspan

Have you heard of Insider Trading? I have, and I saw it very
well in New Zealand some years ago.

Whilst waiting at Blenheim Airport for an aeroplane which
would take me to Wellington in the north island, I happened to overhear one of
our local politicians saying to a friend in a very quiet tone,

"I have just purchased a stand of pine trees." This did
not mean much to me at the time, but when later I discovered that New Zealand
was responsible for pine trees under the world government plan, I could
understand why this politician had suddenly purchased this particular block of

This is called Insider Trading.

Now the same applies in the field of finance. In America
there is a man called Alan Greenspan, who is the Federal Reserve Chairman. He
also set himself up with his insider knowledge to make sure that when everything
collapsed, he would still be in a safe position.

We read from the Weekend Herald, 11 August 2001, the
following headline: "Greenspan plays it safe with personal finances -–
Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan, who once famously worried about 'irrational
exuberance' in the stock market, demonstrated last year that a conservative
approach to investing can pay off.

Mr Greenspan's portfolio, heavily invested in safe Treasury
securities, avoided the big losses suffered by many stock investors, according
to his annual disclosure form....

Mr Greenspan's assets begin in the less than $US1000
($2250) category and top out with one asset valued at between $US1 million
($2.25 million) and $US5 million ($11.25 million).

If Mr Greenspan's assets are valued at the maximum level,
they totalled $US9.6 million ($21.6 million) at the end of 2000....

Mr Greenspan's investments are concentrated in Treasury
securities, considered the world's safest investment since the US
Government has never failed to pay investors who hold its bills, notes and bonds

By investing in the safety of US Government securities, Mr
Greenspan also avoids the ups and downs of the stock market....

While Mr Greenspan does not own stocks, his wife, NBC
reporter Andrea Mitchell, does, according to the disclosure form, which requires
a listing of a spouse's assets

She owns stock in General Electric, the parent company of
NBC, as well as Estee Lauder, Clorox, HJ Heinz, Kimberly Clark, McDonald's and
Rubbermaid, among others. Her biggest single holding, listed in the category of
$US250,001 to $US500,000, was in Abbott Laboratories.

The disclosure form also shows that she earned $US72,500 for
giving five speeches last year to groups ranging from Sweet Briar College to a
Jewish Community Centre." (emphases added).

Now it also needs to be said that the Federal Reserve is a
non American entity controlled in Europe by private bankers who actually control
the economy of the United States without the knowledge of United States

The Federal Reserve does not pay any tax, never allows its
books to be audited and is completely out of the control of the US Government.

It is for this reason Mr Greenspan invests in the government,
as he knows he has more opportunity of getting his money back from the
government than overseas investors.