A demon in the smoke?

A demon in the smoke?

A demon in the smoke

An article taken from the NZ Herald, 21 September
2001, entitled, "Flying fibs show fiction can be faster than fact", has a
piece of fact that is in no way fiction and we quote in part, herewith:

"Pictures taken by freelance photographer Mark Phillips
show a demonic face leering out of the smoke from one of the burning towers.
CNN, Associated Press and the photographer all claim the pictures were not

Visitors to Jerusalem would be well advised also to take a
trip up on the temple mount and have a look at the demonic faces built into the
stone, next to the door on the Muslim mosque with the golden dome. There is no
doubt we are dealing here with a very demonic system, which will shortly come to
its end.

Some years ago, a servant of God called Lance Lambert,
brought a prophecy which I well remember included the following words:

"Fear not the might of Communism or the power of Islam, for
I will deal with them both on the mountains of Israel."

The God that we serve is not to be put down, and He will
ultimately triumph and reveal that His Son, Jesus, is indeed who He said He was
- the Way, the Truth and the Life -– there is no other.