Gas masks sell out in New York

Gas masks sell out in New York

Gas masks sell out in New York

"Guns, gas masks in demand", headlines the Christchurch
, 19 September 2001. "Guns, gas masks and knife-proof vests are
flying off the shelves of military supply shops and sports goods stores, after
the attacks on New York and Washington sent fear through Americans...

'We can't even keep up with the gas mask sales. We just
have to hope our suppliers can keep up,' Mike Wismer, inventory manager for
Forest City Surplus, in London, Ontario, which specialises in surplus military
gear, said...

Kenneth Frank, a Baltimore lawyer and computer software
business owner, said he was shopping for gas masks for himself, his children and
friends because of the attacks in New York and Washington.

'The time to get a gas mask is in advance of something
happening. A biological or chemical attack is certainly possible, and when it
occurs you won't be able to get a gas mask,' he said.

Mr Frank said he had been searching on the Internet for gas
masks, and was considering some Israeli-made models that sold for under $US25.

Florida-based Kejo Ltd's president, Tony Tanner, said he
had been 'inundated with calls' for gas masks, plus knife and bullet-proof
vests. 'Some of these calls have come from aircraft pilots...'

Before last Wednesday, Kejo had sold just five gas masks this
year. But after the unprecedented attacks on the US, the firm has sold dozens
per day at $US130 each..." (emphasis added).