Saddam and chemical warfare

Saddam and chemical warfare

Saddam and chemical warfare

At the risk of overplaying the subject, we bring some more
information, which has just come to hand. Taken from the ICEJ News, 3
September 2001, we read the headline: "Iraqi chemical weapons drill turns
deadly -– Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein is back on everyone's radar screen
again, after his forces reportedly ventured into Saudi territory and killed a
soldier, while a recent training exercise using chemical weapons turned deadly
for at least 20 elite Iraqi commandos.

According to the SUNDAY TELEGRAPH, some 20 specially-trained
soldiers are dead and up to 200 have been admitted to hospital after taking part
in a chemical weapons exercise that went wrong. News of the training accident
emerged last week and amid concerns that Saddam has rebuilt his chemical weapons
arsenal. The soldiers, based south of Baghdad, were suffering from severe
respiratory problems, according to intelligence reports out of Iraq. A
diplomatic source said the accident had not stopped further training and fresh
soldiers were brought in soon afterwards.

Saddam last used chemical weapons against the Kurds in March
1988, causing thousands of injuries...

However, evidence surfaced last week that Iraqi scientists
are working around the clock to rebuild the Iraqi leader's conventional
weapons arsenal as well as his chemical capability...

Over the past year, Saddam has been championing the
Palestinian intifada to embarrass other Arab leaders and build popular support
for himself in the Arab world...

It was revealed earlier this year that Saddam armed a number
of Scud missiles with chemical warheads towards the end of the 1991 Gulf War,
for firing at Israel in the event Allied forces marched on Baghdad. If he was
toppled, he apparently was determined to take Israel down with him..."

It now becomes clear that it is no longer any use thinking in
terms of conventional weapons, but think in terms of biological and chemical
weapons, as the enemy will use these in the future.

We emphasise again and again, that there is safety only when
we shelter in our Lord Jesus Christ and His precious blood.