The US and germ warfare

The US and germ warfare

The US and germ warfare

It may interest you the reader to know that not only has
Saddam Hussein worked hard at collecting up biological weapons, but many of
these weapons were designed in the enemy country of the United States of
America. We quote from The Times, London, Wednesday 5 September 2001:

"The Pentagon has secretly built a germ factory capable of
producing enough deadly bacteria to kill millions of people, it was revealed

The project is one of a number of covert biological
initiatives pursued by the United States over recent years. One proposal
awaiting final approval is to manufacture a more potent version of anthrax using
genetically engineered biological agents. Last night, Donald Rumsfeld, the US
Defence Secretary, confirmed that the Administration planned to proceed with
these tests...

Yesterday's disclosure was seen as one reason why Mr Bush
had also refused to sign up to a draft agreement strengthening the 29-year-old
convention on biological weapons, even though it had been

ratified by 140 other countries. By signing, the US would
have had to reveal if, and where, it was conducting defensive germ research..."

The strange thing is that while the Americans are busy making
a worst type of anthrax, we read another article in the Herald, 25 July
2001, which tells us: "US unprepared for germ attack". We quote, "- A
simulation exercise in June to test the Government's response to a biological
weapons attack with smallpox virus showed US authorities woefully unprepared.

'This would cripple the United States if it were to occur,'
John Hamre, of the Centre for Strategic and International Studies, told the
Committee on Government Reform in the House of Representatives.

'No city, no state is capable of dealing with an incident
like this,' added Hamre, who was Deputy Secretary of Defence under former
President Bill Clinton.

The theoretical exercise, dubbed 'Dark Winter', was based
on a realistic scenario.

The simulation ended with more than 1000 people 'dead'
and 15,000 reported smallpox 'cases' less than two weeks after 24 patients
first showed signs of an undiagnosed illness. There was no resolution to the 'epidemic'
at the end of the exercise.

Participants found that Government officials at the federal
and local levels, as well as the US medical community, were ill-prepared.

Smallpox was last seen in the US in 1949. Vaccination ceased
in 1972, leaving present generations of Americans with no immunity to the

Can you believe what you have just read? All these people
supposedly civilised nations, have gone so far away from God, that they are
prepared to kill eachother with chemical and biological weapons.

Absolutely crazy and yet that is God's view of the heart of
man before he becomes born-again into God's family. Jeremiah 17:9-10 tells us:
"The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately
wicked: who can know it?" Verse 10: "I the LORD..."

In spite of our learning, our education and our supposed
sophistication, still, God sees the heart as it really is. Completely rotten to
the core.

No wonder people need the Lord Jesus Christ, for in the words
of the old song, "He gives me beauty for ashes. The oil of joy for mourning.
The garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness. That we might be trees of
righteousness; the planting of the Lord, that He might be glorified.