Bioterrorism and international law

Bioterrorism and international law

Bioterrorism and international law

Bioterrorism - picture from 'The Devils Jigsaw' by Barry Smith - published 1998

In the year 1871 the freemason Mazzini from Italy wrote a
letter to Albert Pike, one of the top men in freemasonry in America, and
outlined the final three-part plan of the Illuminati. Their grand design was to
rid not just Europe, but the entire world of Christianity and bring it under the
illuminated dictatorship of Luciferianism. This remarkable letter was for many
years on display in the British Museum Library in London.

Mazzini proposed a series of world wars. The third world war
would be in the Middle East, between the Moslems and the Jews, and would bring
about the Biblical Armageddon. Certainly by the end of this third world war, the
battle-wearied nations would be ready to accept any proposal as long as it
promised peace, uniting the entire world under the fatal banner of the
Luciferian New World Order.

The question may now be asked, does Islam mean peace? "Salaam"
is "peace" in Arabic. "Islam" means something entirely different.
According to the Hans Wehr Dictionary of Modern Written Arabic, the
dictionary of choice for the Arabic Studies Department at several well-known
universities, Islam is defined as "submission, resignation." Other
forms of the word, "taslim" and "istislam", mean "handing over,
submission, surrender, capitulation, unreckoning approval, resignation."

There is no doubt that God has given us fair warning in the
book of Hebrews 12 and other portions of Scripture, that all things will be
shaken before our Lord Jesus comes again.

Since the attacks on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon,
the statement has been spoken over and over again, "the world will never be
the same again"

Across America and around the world, churches, synagogues and
mosques have been filled to capacity, and in many cases, overflowing.
Unfortunately, we must report from our newspaper, that the information we have
to hand tells us that the attacks are progressively going to become worse and

For example, on the CNN News on the evening of 10 November,
bin Laden was reported as saying that he has access to atomic weapons along with
biologicals, with which he will hit America, should those be used against him.

In the year 1993, deadly nerve agents were placed amid the
explosives that blew up the parking garage beneath the World Trade Center in New
York. However, in the actual event, the heat of the intense fire that followed
the powerful blast quickly destroyed all but a few traces of the chemical
agents. Whatever weapons this man is going to use, let's recognise that
although Osama bin Laden and his mainly Middle East henchmen might appear to
come from the Middle Ages to most folks in the West, he is clearly a very clever
man. This is demonstrated by his cleverly crafted video sermons, designed to
pull every possible chain to stir up the Muslim masses in support of his
self-declared holy war. This guy knows what he's after and probably has a
long-range game plan of how to get there.

The report from Israel by David Dolan concludes along the
following lines: "As a longtime friend and observer of many Arabs belonging to
the growing worldwide population of Muhammad's faithful followers, I would
nominate the holy month of Ramadan as the ideal time to strike. It is
always a period of heightened religious fervor in the Muslim world, as I have
witnessed many times firsthand.

This year, Ramadan begins on November 17. Such and audacious
terrorist assault would really get Osama's jihad struggle off the ground..."
(emphasis added).

Possible Strike Weapons.

In The Dominion, 5 November 2001, we read:

"US prepares for smallpox attack -– The United
States Government has stated emergency preparations for a possible terrorist
smallpox attack.

Doctors are being trained to recognise the disease and teams
of experts have been vaccinated, ready to rush to any part of the US to deal
with an outbreak.

The move follows growing panic about bioterrorism in the US
after anthrax attacks that have killed four people.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has immunised
140 members of epidemiological teams against smallpox, The New York Times

Centre director James Hughes said: "Our concerns are not to
be limited to anthrax."

Officials are worried about the possibility of attacks
involving other diseases, including botulism, plague and tularemia,
a disease causing fever, depression and emaciation.

Smallpox is especially feared because it is extremely
contagious and has a high death rate...

The smallpox virus is stored in high-security facilities at
the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, Georgia, and at the
Institute for Viral Preparations in Moscow...

Older people who were immunised a long time ago may also be
susceptible to smallpox because the vaccine may have worn off..."

An article taken from The New York Times, Thursday 18
October 2001, was entitled "Who Made the Anthrax? By Richard Butler."
We quote in part:

"Terrorists aim to cause terror, and in this they have
succeeded, up to a point. The run on Cipro at pharmacies demonstrates that. If
they also aim to use biological weapons to kill on a large scale, they have not
succeeded -– not yet...

Their continuing access to the equipment used to make
weapons-grade anthrax, however, is a matter of much less certainty. All those
countries signed the Biological Weapons Convention of 1972, pledging to get out
of the biological weapons business and destroy their existing stocks. It seems
that all of them acted accordingly -– except Russia, which continued a
sizable clandestine biological weapons program, including work on anthrax, until

Iraq also signed the 1972 convention. But at President Saddam
Hussein's direction, Iraq embarked on a substantial biological weapons
program, in which anthrax production had the leading role.

As the leader from 1997 to 1999 of the United Nations effort
to remove Mr. Hussein's weapons of mass destruction, I found one rule of thumb
to have merit: The vigor with which Iraq conspired to defeat any given step
toward arms control was a good indicator of how interested Mr. Hussein was in
the weapons system at issue...

Saddam Hussein's regime spent millions of dollars on the
necessary equipment. Because of his resistance to our arms control program, we
never knew precisely what he had achieved. But we know he loaded anthrax into
shells, bombs and missile warheads.

Iraq has not been visited by international weapons inspectors
for the past three years. It is impossible to know what further steps Mr.
Hussein has taken, but all the signs are that he has remained in the bioweapons

If the scientific path leads to Iraq as the supporter of the
anthrax used by the terrorist mailers in the United States, no one should be
. Meetings between Mohamed Atta, who is thought to have been an
organizer of the Sept. 11 attacks, and an Iraqi intelligence official in Prague
in June 2000 may have been an occasion on which anthrax was provided to Mr. Atta...

Richard Butler is ambassador in residence at the Council on
Foreign Relations and author of the forthcoming 'Fatal Choice: Nuclear Weapons
and the Illusion of Missile Defense.'
..." (emphasis added).

Now it is clear that the aim of the whole exercise is to
ultimately convince each country on earth to sign a document saying that they
will all work together to counter terrorism and the use of biological and
chemical weapons, etc.

An article taken from the Boston Globe, 28 October
2001, reads in part: "Bioterrorism and biowarfare have taken on increased
urgency due to the purposeful use of the agent of anthrax, -Bacillus
-, to injure, kill, and contaminate...

International law would make the head of state of a country
considering a biowarfare program or supporting terrorist use of bioterrorism
think twice about doing so, as it might put him on a one-way trip to The Hague
for trial. If international law regarded these actions as crimes against
humanity, even nations that do not sign a treaty would be bound by the change.
Countries that might object include Iraq, North Korea, and others that are known
to be weaponizing biological agents or are suspected of such acts. The United
States must not join their ranks...

Possession of aerosol-generating equipment must be tightly
regulated. The suggestions that all crop-dusters be banned from the
United States needs to be critically evaluated. The cost of such a ban on
agriculture would be far less than the potential savings that would result from
the decreased probability of major attacks on US population centers. Such a
policy would not play well among the farming lobby, and resources would have to
be allocated so that its impact is not borne entirely by farmers. As the risk,
of death by West Nile virus and other mosquito-borne viruses is
relatively low compared with that of bioterrorism, trucks that spray
insecticides should no longer be permitted since they could be used by

Pathogens that can be used for bioterrorism against humans,
livestock and crops can be acquired from hundreds of collections of bacteria,
viruses and fungi worldwide...

As a result, a permit is required in this country (USA) in
order to purchase or store certain pathogens. Unfortunately, in many other
countries no such restrictions exist. Law enforcement authorities worldwide must
identify who has acquired anthrax, plague and other potential agents of
bioterrorism from these culture collections and ensure that they are legitimate
researchers. The specter of an international market for these pathogens must be
prevented and, if such a market exists, it must be eradicated...

The Soviet biowarfare program was extensive, employing as
many as 65,000 full-time scientists, including about 7000 considered 'critical.'
Where are they now? Many have left the former Soviet Union, all with expertise
in biowarfare, some (perhaps) with virulent organisms. The world must regard the
whereabouts of these scientists as critically important. We need to hire and
retrain them so that they can work on mainstream projects...

Without the provisions outlined by Butler, the situation will
only get worse. The history of the human race has shown that the evolution of
weapons, from clubs to nuclear warms, progresses inexorably. As knowledge about
the human genome and molecular pathogenesis widens, tools will become available
to engineer 'designer pathogens.'..."

I think it is now becoming clear that all of this leads us
on to international law
and people being taken to international courts,
should they indulge in this type of activity in the future. That should
discourage those people with these evil designs in their minds.