Moslem women – the pitiful face of Islam

Moslem women - the pitiful face of Islam

Moslem women - the pitiful face of Islam

We read in Genesis 2:18:

"And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man
should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him."

In 1 Peter 3:7, we read:

"Likewise, ye husbands, dwell with them
according to knowledge, giving honour unto the wife, as unto the weaker vessel,
and as being heirs together of the grace of life; that your prayers be not

During a recent trip to the States I picked up a copy of The
Detroit News Metro
, 8 October 2001, and read; "Backlash forces Arab women
to avoid public -– Her photo is not among the suspected terrorists.

She is a soft-spoken suburban housewife, mother and proud
American citizen who enjoys making patchwork quilts.

Yet Houda Koussan, 27, has been spit at because she wears a
garment that immediately identifies her as Muslim; the head scarf, known in
Arabic as hijab.

The Dearborn Heights resident recently fled a neighborhood
carnival moments after arriving because 'the stares were so cold, I felt they
were pushing us away, and I didn't know what might happen.'

To avoid public scorn and possible danger, Koussan and other
Muslim women who wear the hijab (pronounced heh-JAHB) are in self-imposed
lockdown inside their homes in Metro Detroit and across the nation.

As the United States and its allies began bombing Afghanistan
on Sunday, nearly a month after the terrorist attacks, many Muslim women
continue to resist going out in public -– to supermarkets, malls, fitness
clubs, friend's homes, or even to mosques.

Koussan and her husband cancelled plans to dine with friends
at an Italian restaurant in Dearborn on Sunday afternoon after the start of the
U.S. attack on Afghanistan.

'We thought it would be safe if we went out in a group, but
when we heard the news of the attacks, we called our friends back and cancelled,'
she said. Her husband, Jamal Koussan, added: 'We just felt like we'd be
targets of someone's anger if we went out, since they've been playing tapes
of Osama bin Laden's comments on television, so we're staying home.'

Houda Koussan hardly left the house before, but now she said,
'I really feel like a prisoner in my own home.'

Fatima Cheikh-Jaffal, 29, of Dearborn Heights, a bank
vice-president, fears the United States is playing into the terrorists' hands
with the Sunday air strikes. 'This is what they wanted, for us to fight their
war,' she said. 'I hate to see innocent people die -– just like they did in
New York and in Washington, D.C. I think we should have waited. We don't even
know who we're striking. We're just hitting innocent people.'"

It is this author's opinion that these Arab ladies are
correct in what they're saying. America should have waited. They don't know
who they're striking and they are hitting innocent people -– this is true.

However, this is no time to be politically correct and we
notice in many cases, the Muslim women are looked upon as little better than
animals or beasts of burden, to accomplish the wishes of their husbands.

How we should give thanks to Almighty God for His book, the
Bible, and the liberating knowledge that when we receive Jesus Christ, life
comes into all its fullness and we can enjoy our lives together, both men and
women, as God intended.

While these poor women go about their tasks day by day, the
men folk are apparently allowed to have up to four wives, which leaves them free
to carry on with their weird form of sexuality whilst denying the women any
enjoyment whatsoever.

We at this office therefore encourage anybody who spends time
working among these Muslim folk and pray that God will bless you as you seek His
divine wisdom on how to win them to Jesus Christ, who is the only way, the truth
and the life.

For too many years now this demonic force has bound up those
millions of dear folk, and we try to imagine the shock that will be theirs when
finally they stand before God and discover the whole thing was a giant lie.

It is therefore a help to leave political correctness behind
and identify the true enemy, and recognise that ultimately it is a fight
between Allah and Y..H..W..H, the God of Israel and the Father of our Lord Jesus

Remember, Allah never had a son who gave his blood that we
might live.

Therefore it is love that will win the Muslim who is taught
only legality and hate in his religion, and it is that love that persuaded God
to send His only begotten Son into the world to save us by His grace.

How we should thank Him day and night for His unspeakable
gift, our Lord Jesus Christ.