Osama bin Laden – a sick man

Osama bin Laden - a sick man

Osama bin Laden - a sick man

When the Twin Towers and the Pentagon in America were hit,
the government of that country felt obliged to name the enemy as soon as
possible. This of course was impossible as there are so many enemies of the
United States of America in many countries on earth today. To name any
particular man as being the enemy is unwise to say the least.

Many folk, however, felt that they were on the right track
when Osama bin Laden was named as the enemy. We quote a little from an American
publication called The Star, 2 October 2001:

"bin Laden's family lives the American dream" was the

"As the United States tries to rout out madman Osama bin
Laden from his secret cave, his family is proud to be living the American dream
right here in our own country, a Star investigation reveals.

bin Laden's relatives -– said to be worth more than $5
billion -– enjoy the best homes and education that money can buy.

'They are patriotic, hard working Americans who disowned
Osama and his evil beliefs long ago,' says a source close to the family. 'The
terrorist's own father loved this country deeply -– and was dismayed by his
son's poisonous beliefs.'

The bin Laden family has flourished here, and their symbols
of success include:

  • A Bel Air palace just a few blocks from the homes of former
    President Ronald Regan and Hollywood legend, Elizabeth Taylor.
  • Extravagant homes in Boston and its ritzy suburbs.
  • Two of Osama's nephews attending Harvard Law School,
    which has received $2 million from the bin Laden's family trust.

But in an exclusive Star interview, an American woman
who was close to the Saudi family reveals

that Osama has always been the bin Laden's black sheep,
but Osama wasn't different just because of his lower status. He also hid away
from all western influences. He hated America and all things American...

Osama eventually inherited $80 million, turned it into $370
million and used his fortune to finance his terror network.

A source close to the bin Ladens adds, "Osama is a snake
who hates everything about Americans, but most of his family love this country
and everything it represents"...

Now much of bin Laden's huge family has millions of dollars
worth of business in the United States. For example, one of his many half
brothers is a director of a US Telecom giant...

bin Laden went to work for his father's company and studied
Management and Economics at King Abdul Aziz University in Jeddah before becoming
a fanatic Muslim. He acquired his military expertise while training rebels fight
Soviet forces in Afghanistan in the 1980's.

Sources say he took his fourth wife last year, an 18 year old
Yemenite. He is believed to have at least 20 children.

bin Laden regularly changes his personal body guards after
two assassination attempts from his inner circle. They have standing orders to
kill him if he faces capture." (emphasis added)

Now there is quite some doubt as to how much this man is
involved in the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington, but it is also
clear that in some ways, Saddam Hussein and other enemies of America in the
Middle East area in particular, are in part responsible.

A further piece of information was handed recently to me.
This man is suffering from kidney and liver problems and is on a dialysis
machine as was reported in two newspapers recently,Le Monde and La Figaro.

Therefore he is in no state to continue on with any terrorist
activities and is in desperate need of prayer for salvation through the precious
blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.