Blair’s Euro bombshell

Blair's Euro bombshell

Blair's Euro bombshell

Many people in Great Britain have feared that this day will
come, and sure enough here it is. We quote from the Daily Mail, London, 3
October 2001, where the headline reads: "BLAIR'S EURO BOMBSHELL -– Tony
Blair yesterday delivered the strongest signal yet that a referendum on joining
the single currency will be held before the next election.

The Premier made it clear that he will override his
Chancellor's deep reservations and insist on the vote being held during this

He used it to reaffirm his total commitment to the cause
of crushing terrorism and to use the atrocities of September 11 as a spur to
create a new world order based on countries acting together as a force for good
(emphasis added).

Thank you, Tony. By saying that, you are simply confirming
all that we have been saying for many years and proving once again that God's
Word is true.

Once this World Government comes into being, the next
prediction is that a great world leader will arise, who will take control and he
is called Anti-Christ.

In turn, this man will bring in a new world money system
called the mark of the beast and control everybody's lives, from the
cradle to the grave.

We praise God that He in His mercy has provided a way of
escape and a way of salvation for all of us, and at this stage, we must consider
the spiritual aspect of our lives and turn in humble repentance, to the Lord
Jesus Christ and believe that He is the answer to the problem. It is not
religion, it is not the reading of the Bible only, it is not only prayer, but it
is the receiving of the Lord Jesus Christ into our lives in a deliberate act of
commitment, that makes the difference. And at that stage, Jesus says, we are
born-again into His family.

As His Spirit comes within us, a divine nature also comes and
we begin to see things from God's point of view and recognise that our time on
this earth is limited and Jesus is coming again.

Get ready.