Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Dear Ed

"...I have lots of tapes and books on the end times (not
all agreeing I might add), but recently heard one preacher saying the rapture
would coincide with a huge earthquake, and that's why friends and families and
nations wouldn't see or notice our going up -– they'd just think that we'd
been killed in the earthquake...can you please comment?..." Gwenyth G QLD

Dear Gwenyth

You are right when you infer that there are many views and
teachings relating to end times -– some conflict, some confirm or add further
clarity to a line of thought. Re/. the earthquake concept, it is clearly stated
in Matthew 24 that earthquakes would accompany the season of Jesus return... Zechariah 14:4,
in terms of Jesus 'public' coming to the Mt of Olives, indicates an
earth shattering phenomenon of some description. 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17 adds to
the picture 'going up to meet Him in the air" -– a fairly visible
experience. Midrashically, (patterns/types which have occurred before, and help
to illuminate future prophetic events) Matthew 27:50-54 adds to our
understanding (dead in Christ coming out of their graves -– earthquakes
accompanying the moment). I'm not sure I would state that this earthquake
would be used to account for the missing people at the time of the rapture, but
it is a possible scenario. Ed.

Dear Ed

"...my husband and I are both chronic fatigue sufferers...in
the desert for ten years...there have been many lessons we have learnt, which
may never have come about if we had been healthy. We were so blessed by the
article "The Isolation Chamber". Wow, what timing, we needed that so much...may
God bless you all, your endeavours and the people you meet..." Elizabeth

Dear Elizabeth

I laid hands on your letter and have asked God to do what we
cannot do! I know He cares about us very much and in keeping with this, I have
asked for a miracle. I'm very humbled when I hear we have been of assistance
to people (in whatever way) through the Omega Times. We are all very busy with
our work/employment lives, and sometimes it becomes exhausting trying to find a
space in time to write and put it together. Praise God for every opportunity to
encourage one another. Ed.

"Dear Andrew

I just thought I would drop you a line as I want to let you
know how much I appreciate all the work you are doing with Omega Times...what I
really want to say is that I find your articles are just wonderful to read. They
just seem to soak right into my heart and warm me inside. Thanks for taking the
time to write for us, you are really appreciated. Troy Morris James Cook
University QLD".

Dear Troy

Thank you for your encouragement. I'm always mindful that
"A man's heart devises his way; but the Lord directs his steps" Proverbs 16:9.
I often question whether I'm in the right place -– doing the right
things. The fruit is really the only evidence we have to work with, and God has
been using us in ways we could never have planned. Even the best laid out plans
sometimes fall to pieces as God reveals His agenda....Ed

"Re/. The mystical Number 666.

Can the English alphabet and language (eg. Computer, New
York) really be applied to the biblical numerical letter values as explained in
your article? Doesn't it involve only Greek and Hebrew? (from the Omega Times
Online comments area)

Dear Leana

Good question. When Barry uses these types of keys, I think
he does so from the perspective of 'interesting' or related information.
There's nothing to say that it is right or wrong to look at numerics in
different languages. Whether or not it is relevant is over to the listener or
reader to determine. English happens to be the language we use -– and as such,
this type of insight is interesting. The number 6 happens to hold prophetic
significance, and as such is of interest when applied in any context. The fact
that words like computer or New York or Basil Brush add up to 666 may or may not
mean anything whatsoever...but it is an interesting coincidence.  Ed.

"Re/. Mark of the beast

...thank you for the Omega Times...I recently visited the USA
as a tourist and several things happened which brings it so much to home,
everything that brother Barry has been teaching us...Everywhere we went instant
photos were taken and relevant info placed on a barcode reference which was
given to us for security purposes...even in the airport when checking in...Brother
Barry has taught us on "What happens when you lose/get stolen/break/bend your
card..." (from the Omega Times Online discussion area)

Dear Mrs SMC

Interesting experiences! I have numerous friends who do not
acknowledge the significance of these developments being foretold in prophecy.
It does sound far fetched but time will tell... The positive part is that God
has always taken care of His people -– providing the necessities of life.