Tony Blair looks forward to a New World Order

Tony Blair looks forward to a New World Order

Tony Blair looks forward to a New World Order

What's happening to Tony Blair? That fine young man with a
bright smile and cheerful attitude, speechmaker supreme? He seems to have
changed somewhat recently, and the newspapers are asking the question: "What
makes Tony run?"

Taken from the Weekend Herald, 10-11 November 2001, we

"The extraordinary high profile that Britain's Prime
Minister Tony Blair has maintained since the World Trade Center attack has
raised eyebrows both abroad and at home. He has charged around the Middle East
spreading the word on the coalition's behalf and has tried to be the
concert-master to rally the Europeans

The success of both enterprises is debatable -– he was given
a diplomatic mauling in Syria and ruffled feathers in Europe over invitations
omitted or late to the meeting he convened - but there is no denying the energy
and commitment...

There is another factor that might contribute to Blair's
impatience and energy in prosecuting the campaign against Osama bin Laden, and
that is his sense that his time is short.

Blair has been conscious since the age of 11, when his father
had a catastrophic stroke, that he may not have long to make his mark. That
feeling was intensified at the age of 21 by his mother's early death from
throat cancer.

'You suddenly realise -– which you often don't as a
young person -– that life is finite, so if you want to get things done you had
better get a move on,' he said.

'My life took on an urgency which has probably never left

Hence his hurrying towards a referendum on the euro. Hence
his seizing the opportunity to stride the world stage, coaxing a coalition of
nations behind an ethical objective once more
..." (emphases added).

During the writing of this article, I received a telephone
call from a friend at the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, David Hannaford,
who told me that Tony Blair had come on television recently, making a very
urgent speech. Right in the middle of another programme he suddenly appeared and
spoke with such conviction that it was almost like listening to a speech of a
character along the style of Adolf Hitler. He continued to emphasise a catch
phrase which was of great interest to us at this office, and that catch phrase
was bi-partisan, which we took note had a very unusual meaning -– a
member of a party of light. It can also mean two parties or groups agreeing to
work together. Could this refer to the Illuminati, the bearers of the light, the
secret world government that have caused Tony to move along so quickly to tread
the world stage as a pusher of things global?

Looking through old files, I pulled out an article from the
Internet, from the Adam Smith Institute Bulletin. There we saw the
headline: "New Labour scores two out of three.

The new government scored an astonishing two out of three
when the Adam Smith Institute rated its performance over the first 200 days..."

We would recommend here at this office that any folk
interested in this subject get on the Internet and look up this group. You will
also find that it is interested in world privatisation, and it should be noted
that this was the group that sent the advice through the Mont Pelerin Society in
London, to the Business Round Table of New Zealand, who advise the government of
New Zealand on their restructuring programme. There is no doubt that Tony Blair
is under the power of this group and that is why they were good to him by
marking him like a school teacher, and gave him two out of three for being a
good boy.

The term bi-partisan has been used not only by Tony
Blair but also by Kim Beazley in Australia, and George Bush, as they in turn
have given inspired speeches about uniting the world into a global village.

We then note that in the NZ Herald, 9 November 2001,
the headline: "British Prime Minister Tony Blair has urged President George W.
Bush to throw the weight of the United States behind a new push for peace in the
Middle East." There is no doubt about it. Tony is changing from being merely
Prime Minister of Great Britain into an advocate for something else, which the
secret planners call New World Order, but we know means One World Government.

And now for the capstone. We turn to the Daily Mail,
Belfast, 13 November 2001, and the headline there says "Blair looks forward
to a new world order
-– Tony Blair appealed to George Bush last night to
swing the United States away from isolationism in the aftermath of September 11.

Playing on the rapport he has developed with the President,
the Prime Minister urged America to lead the West in a concerted campaign to
solve some of the world's most deep-rooted problems.

Mr Blair set out his vision of a new world order in a speech
at the Lord Mayor's Banquet in the City of London and he insisted the West
should start with two of the tinder-box issues for the Moslem world -– the
Middle East and Iraq.

'One illusion was shattered on September 11: that we can
have a good life of the West irrespective of the state of the rest of the world,'
he said...

Romano Prodi, the President of the EU Commission, took a
swipe at Mr Blair yesterday, accusing him of undermining EU unity with his
go-it-alone diplomacy.

'Experience teaches us that when the Union presents itself
in a piecemeal fashion, its influence is limited,' Mr Prodi said in a speech
in Belgium." (emphasis added).

The truth of what is really taking place here is that Tony
Blair has been chosen by World Government people to push the plan between
America and the City of London, which are linked of course, through freemason
influence, as may be proven by the erecting of a similar obelisk in both the
cities of London and New York, both called, strangely enough, Cleopatra's

It also seems that he has been told that he must take the
political gamble of bringing England quickly into the net that has been set and
to get rid of the British pound sterling in favour of the Euro dollar.

This he did not intend to do until later on, but things being
what they are, the World Government people have decided to push it and if he
doesn't do what he's told, he'll be down the road in a very quick time.

We hope we have made it very clear in our newspaper that now
the World Trade Center in New York has been destroyed, 54 countries will now be
looking for a head quarters for their new World Trade Center, which I believe
will be located somewhere in Europe. The American dollar would then give way to
the Euro dollar, which would become the currency of the world.

This of course all leads on to the mark of the beast - the
silicon chip on the right hand or forehead, for buying and selling and we are no
doubt living at the end of an era.

Jesus Himself made it quite clear when He said this
generation would not pass until all these things be fulfilled. We are living at
the end of the generation, therefore, seek you the Lord while He may be found.