Who arranged the WTC attack?

Who arranged the WTC attack?

Who arranged the WTC attack?

Now I don't want to be considered a conspiracy theorist,
however, I found this letter written to the Nelson Mail, 7 November 2001,
by a Mr Bruce Dyer.

Having just completed a journey across the United States from
Portland, Oregon to Baltimore on the East Coast and then down to New Orleans by
motorcar (a journey of 7000 miles), and having just preached in 13 major cities
across the United States, it appeared to be the consensus of opinion that the
attack on the World Trade Center was more likely to have been organised by
Illuminati conspirators and just a few Arabs connected with a guy in a cave in

We print herewith this letter for your information:


Sir, In an article written by Michel Chossudovsky, professor
of economics at the University of Ottawa, entitled 'Cover-up or Complicity of
the Bush Administration?' (http://globalresearch.ca/articles/CHO111A.html),
there is evidence that before September 11, Lieutenant-General Ahmad, head of
Pakistan military intelligence (ISI), arranged for $100,000 to be sent to the
ringleader of the World Trade Center attacks, Mohammed Atta.

General Ahmad, as head of ISI, was a 'US-approved appointee',
was in New York immediately prior to the attacks and met with United States
officials at the CIA and the Pentagon.

Professor Chossudovsky writes: 'What this suggests is that
key individuals within the US military-intelligence establishment might have
known about ISI contacts with the September 11 terrorist ringleader and failed
to act.

'Whether this amounts to the outright complicity of the
Bush Administration remains to be firmly established. What is crystal clear,
however, is that this war is not a "campaign against international terrorism".

'It is a war of conquest ... planned well in advance of
September 11, in response to broad strategic and economic objectives.'

In light of this deeply disturbing information, can Helen
Clark please explain why her Government is supporting the American war in

Whoever was responsible for this attack certainly fulfilled
the words of one David Rockefeller, who said, "All we need is the right
crisis, and that will persuade the people of the world to give us World

Was that a crisis or was that not a crisis?