Hello Global Village

Hello Global Village

Hello Global Village

Many years ago in the 1970s when I commenced speaking on
Biblical prophecy, it became clear that there were four lots of ten that needed
to be examined in the books of Daniel and Revelation, i.e. ten horns, ten
crowns, ten kings and ten toes. Preaching in Australia and New Zealand, I used
to point out that these ten represented the European Community which was rapidly
forming even as far back as that decade.

Those of us involved in Biblical prophecy watched the number
go beyond ten and at this present time of writing at the beginning of the year
2002, we see that there are 15 countries that have united in the European Union.

However, there are still 13 more countries making
applications to join, which would give us a total of 28 nations.

Searching back through my old files, I discovered an article
taken from the media written in September in the year 1994 entitled, "Three
Tiers for Europe -– Germany has joined France in openly backing creation of a
hard core of states to press ahead at full speed with European integration
regardless of their other Union partners. This will bring Belgium, the
Netherlands and Luxembourg into the inner circle, while Britain, Italy and Spain
will be left on the sidelines...

On 30 August French Prime Minister Edouard Balladur unveiled
his vision of initial three-tier Europe, with the inner core committed to
full-blooded monetary, military and social union...

The paper believes that, by agreeing to different groupings
within its structure, the EU can frustrate the British idea that countries can
simply pick and choose which policy areas to involve themselves...

The existing hard core of countries oriented to greater
integration and closer co-operation must be further strengthened...

Countries outside the core would include Denmark, Greece,
Portugal and Ireland.

But there is no mistaking that Bonn and Paris have lost
patience. 'Germany and France form the hard core of the hard core,' states
the CDU paper...

The second circle would include the weaker European states,
such as Britain and Spain. The outer circle would group the continent's other
even more vulnerable states, principally the former communist countries of
central and eastern Europe...

Later we'll need to turn these three circles into two,
perhaps, much later into a single one...

Major wants a Europe where states pick and choose which
common initiatives to join. Britain envisages itself in the slow lane on a
single currency and social affairs, but in the fast lane on foreign policy and

Now at this point in history we note Tony Blair has whittled
down this idea to a two-tier community and possibly is getting a little nervous
as they will be in the outer tier unless they agree to changing their money
system very shortly and join up with the Euro.

Prophetically speaking, there is a day approaching very
quickly when a world leader will be appointed over these kingdoms and we read
that in the book of Revelation 17:12

"And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings,
which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with
the beast."
(italics added).

Revelation 17:17 - "For God hath put in their hearts to fulfil
his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words
of God shall be fulfilled."
(italics added).

It has been fascinating to watch the progression of these
countries coming together and then on January 1st to see the Euro
Dollar come to dominate the lives of 300 million people in the European
countries that have adopted that currency.

We ask the question, can it be by accident that the Twin
Towers in New York went down on 11 September, as the stage is now set for the
trade of the world to quickly move from America to Europe? The timing seems to
be perfect.

Tony Blair is on the ropes, and is pushing for a referendum
as to whether Britain will join the Euro, for he has been advised that if they
do not, they will be left in the outer tier which will not please them at all.

We therefore make the statement that America, as a trading
power, is rapidly going to go down and Europe will take its place with a great
leader, very soon to be appointed. This man is called by the names Antichrist,
the beast, the man of sin and the son of perdition.

Believe me, it seems very strange to be living in the days
when all this is being fulfilled, having spoken about it for over 30 years.
Prophecy is turning into history even as we write and we invite the reader of
this newspaper to keep in touch as we are up with the play to the best of our

Strangely enough, the American newspapers have not really
latched on to what is taking place and the headline in the newspaper USA
on 26 December 2001, reads: "Dollar STILL dominates despite euro".
The smaller heading reads: "Whatever they think of America, people and nations
the world over prefer the greenback.

The euro will become the most important new currency in
history when its bills and coins go into everyday use throughout Europe Jan. 1.

But it's unlikely to challenge the US dollar's status as
the monetary equivalent of English -– something recognized by almost everyone,
almost everywhere.

Even in recession and even after Sept. 11, the Yankee dollar
is still king of the world. It's the most successful product ever
manufactured, more frequently reproduced than the Bible and possibly more

(Writer's note: please take note that whenever people boast
about being more popular than the Word of God, that statement spells their end
and therefore we say, Goodbye American Dollar)...

Everyone knows the value of the dollar.

The dollar is the world's bedrock currency because America
is the world's mightiest power -– militarily, economically, politically,

Wherever people distrust their own currency, they crave the

It's not just a piece of legal tender...

It's the ticket of admission to the American dream.

From the jungles of Colombia to the steppes of Russia, people
are using, dealing, stealing, counterfeiting and hoarding dollars. About
two-thirds of US currency is in foreign hands. Half of all world trade is in
dollars, even though the United States makes a quarter of the world's products..."
(emphasis added).

And then from the Weekend Herald, December 1 -– 2,
2001, we read: "Francs for the memories -– Say goodbye to the franc, the lira
and the mark, as a dozen European currencies are swept away by the new euro
notes and coins...

Yes, it's goodbye to the franc, the mark, drachma, peseta,
lira and many of the other currencies which now confront visitors to Europe.

In a few weeks they will disappear, replaced by the new euro.

While a little of the mystery of travel will vanish with
them, the changeover promises a much simpler life for visitors to Europe.

The switching hour is midnight, December 31, when a dozen
members of the European Union switch to the euro -– a change which affects 300
million people...

For travellers, the big benefit will be fewer currency

Each euro is divided into 100 cents, with coins in
denominations of one, two, five, 10, 20 and 50 cents, as well as one and two
euros. The symbol for the new currency is stylised 'e' -– like this: