Religious Unity

Religious Unity

Religious Unity

Readers of our newspaper may recall that one of the key
verses to be understood in this our day, is found in Revelation 16:19.

Referring to the new world government system that is being
built now, called in the Word of God, Mystery Babylon, we find that this
mystical structure is divided into three portions, namely economy, politics
and religion.

The economic headquarters is no doubt Wall Street, New York.
The political headquarters for the world government is Washington D.C. and the
religious head quarters for the world government is the city of Rome. This may
be established by reading Revelation 17:9: "And here is the mind which
hath wisdom. The seven heads are the seven mountains, on which the woman

Revelation 17:18: "And the woman which thou sawest is that great
city, which reighneth over the kings of the earth."

A careful reading of Revelation chapter 17 makes it clear,
that this religious system is called the harlot or the prostitute, which is the
antithesis of a pure bride of Christ waiting for one man.

The city based on the seven hills in this particular case, no
doubt, is the city of Rome, and for years we have waited to watch Rome linking
with other religions, ready for this one world system. At last things are coming

We refer to an article entitled, "MRE: Report on the
apostasy in the guise of ecumenism led by the Pope. Will he or his successor be
the false prophet of the false peace to be proclaimed by the false messiah?

World Religious Leaders Join Pope in Peace Bid

...Italy (Reuters) 1/24/01

Pope John Paul and religious leaders including Muslims and
Jews, Buddhists and Hindus, committed themselves on Thursday to work for peace
and shun violence. Christian monks in brown woollen habits, saffron-robed
Buddhists, black-cloacked Muslims, Sikhs wearing turbans, white-bearded Orthodox
patriarchs and rabbis travelled together on a peace train to pray near the tomb
of St. Francis.

'Violence never again! War never again! Terrorism never
again! In the name of God, may every religion bring upon the earth justice and
peace, forgiveness and life, love,' the Pope said. He spoke at the end of an
emotional day in which some 200 religious leaders representing a dozen faiths
made pledges in the city of the 13th-century saint most associated
with peace. Wearing his traditional white robe, the Roman Catholic leader sat on
a red stage flanked by religious figures as they each addressed a crowd of 3,000
people in a white tent.

Solemn commitments to work for peace were read in 11
languages including Hebrew, Arabic, Farsi and Punjhabi. 'We commit ourselves
to proclaiming our firm conviction that violence and terrorism are incompatible
with the authentic spirit of religion,' said one read by Konrad Raiser,
secretary-general of the World Council of Churches...

MRE: Note carefully the words of this next paragraph -– the
real purpose of the Pope -– to promote relations with Islam, the religion of
HaSatan who is out to kill and destroy all made in the image and likeness of our
Father in Heaven

It was the third such day of peace led by the Pope, who has
said he hopes the meeting will promote relations with Muslims in the wake of the
September 11 suicide plane attacks on the United States and the war in

But outside Assisi, not everyone was happy with the events. 'To
pray with heretics, schismatics, rabbis, mullahs, witch doctors and various
idolaters creates confusion among Catholic believers,'
Frederico Bricolo
and Massimo Pelledri, members of an Italian government coalition party said in a
statement..." (emphases added).

Remember a bride is reserved for one man, that is our Lord
Jesus Christ, and a prostitute or harlot goes with many men. The bride of Christ
is preparing herself to be without spot or wrinkle, when Jesus returns to take
us to the marriage supper of the Lamb while all these religious folk link
themselves together in a satanically-inspired quest for peace that denies Jesus
Christ as being the only way, the only truth and the only life.

Make sure that you belong to the bride group and not the
prostitute group.