AIDS marches on

AIDS marches on

AIDS marches on

An article taken from The Dominion, 1 December 2001,
reads: "60 million dead or infected...

Twenty years after it was first identified, acquired immune
deficiency syndrome has killed more than 20 million people and another 40
million are infected with the Aids virus....

Since the epidemic began, more than 60 million people have
been infected with the virus. HIV-Aids is now the leading cause of death in
sub-Saharan Africa. Worldwide, it is the fourth-biggest killer....

Three million people will have died from Aids this year and
another five million are likely to have become infected with the human
immunodeficiency virus.

That would bring the present number of people with HIV- Aids
to about 40 million....

Scientists still have no cure for Aids (author's note: I
believe they do, but they're hiding it)....

This year, 3.4 million people were infected with HIV,
bringing the number to 28.1 million.

'Without adequate treatment, most of them will not survive
the next decade,' the agencies (UNAids and World Health Organisation) said...."

A verse in Hosea 4:6 reads:

"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge...."

There is information galore available for those who really
want to know another perspective on the truth about AIDS. A reading of our book Final
, on page 115 through to 122, tells us of a work of a man called Dr
Douglass, who wrote an article, WHO Murdered Africa, from the National
Health Federation, Monrovia, California, dated November 1987. The writer points
out that the title of this article is not a question but a statement. And then
on page 118 of our book, Final Notice, we read of a man called Dr
Theodore Strecker, and his research literature which indicates that the National
Cancer Institute, in collaboration with the World Health Organisation, made the
AIDS virus in their laboratories at Fort Detrick, Maryland. "They combined the
deadly retroviruses, leukemia virus and sheep visna virus, and injected them
into human tissue cultures. The result is the AIDS virus, the first human retro
virus known to man, and now believed to be 100 per cent fatal to those infected...and
so the AIDS virus didn't come from Africa, it came from Fort Detrick,
Maryland, USA.

Then later, many years after I wrote my book Final Notice,
a man called Leonard G. Horowitz wrote a book called Emerging Viruses -–
AIDS and Ebola. Nature, Accident or Intentional
. He tells us of how the AIDS
virus was created, who created it and how it has been patented all the way
through, which leads us to the end result, that people who catch AIDS should pay
the person who patented this virus for the privilege of having it.

There is also information in the same chapter of my book
about 'Polyatomic Oxygen', which is very successful in eradicating the virus
from the human system, where one may be declared HIV undetectable and as long as
the body is kept in an oxygen-charged state, the AIDS virus cannot live in the
presence of pure oxygen.

Now inspite of the fact that this information has been made
available by numerous authors, including articles within our own publications,
and we have spoken about it in public meetings for many, many years, not one
doctor apart from in Africa, has taken time to ask any questions about it! Are
there not reasonable doubts - or questions which need to be asked??
Multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical companies are not likely to brief us on
their involvement.

My belief is that it can be proven that Polyatomic oxygen
or oxygen broken up into its polyatomic particles is God's cure for almost any
disease under the sun. I encourage readers to get on the internet, and look up
the words like 'ozone treatments'. Such treatments have been used in Germany
successfully for over 50 years, but are illegal in the United States.
Pharmaceutical companies are terrified of it, as it will destroy their trade in
human misery. Dr Horowitz's book has as its ISBN number: 0-923550-12-7.

How much longer the American government can ignore this
information is of interest.

The question must be asked, why is it that in the meantime
these people do not allow research into the benefits of oxygen? Answer: this
would destroy the pharmaceutical trade very quickly indeed, as there is very
little money to be made out of oxygen treatment in comparison with the millions
of pills that are dispensed year after year.

You would have thought that if there was any inkling of a
cure for AIDS, the scientific community would be rushing for it, but instead,
anybody who claims to have a cure for cancer or AIDS is immediately under the
sentence of death in certain parts of the world, as money is the god of these
people who trade in human misery.