No wars for the 21st century!?

No wars for the 21st century!?

No wars for the 21st century!?

The Star newspaper in Penang, Malaysia, 11 December
2001, headlined: "No wars for 21st century, say Nobel winners....

The biggest gathering of Nobel Peace Prize laureates in
history agreed on a declaration on Sunday aimed at ending wars in the 21st

They said disarmament and the establishment of an
international criminal court were crucial parts of the solution.

The laureates, including Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai
Lama and South African anti-apartheid campaigner Desmond Tutu, are in Oslo for
the 100th anniversary of the peace prize....

The statement called for the elimination of weapons of mass
destruction, the reduction and control of conventional weapons and small arms
and adherence to all human rights -– social, political, economic and cultural....

The absence of some laureates has been a reminder that the
prize does not guarantee success.

Palestinian President Yasser Arafat and Israeli Foreign
Minister Shimon Peres, who won the 1994 prize with assassinated Israeli Prime
Minister Yitzhak Rabin, are not in Oslo...."

Those readers who are familiar with our articles on the two
seals on the reverse side of the American dollar bill, will remember that the 13
arrows in the claws of the phoenix bird, represent a period of war, and then the
13 olive branches in the other claw, represent a time of peace.

We have now moved into the new millennium or 21st
century, where these people hope through stealing sovereignty from every
country, getting rid of nationality and making each person a citizen of the
global system, they will eliminate wars and thus we will have a thousand years
of peace. That is the aim.

It is for this reason that the world has been divided into
three regions. Each with their own standing army and each with their own
economy, until the final stage comes where each of these regions will be
assimilated into one global village.

The regions are:

  1. Europe, with the Euro dollar and their own standing army.
  2. The Americas, with their own standing army and their own
    money, the American dollar -– which will be used from the tip of Alaska in
    the north to the tip of South America in the south.
  3. Asia-Pacific, with their own standing army and their own
    currency yet to be decided upon.

Now those of us who have studied prophecy for many years
understand there can be no peace

until Jesus returns and the absence of so-called war will not
guarantee peace. This can be proven by what happened on September 11 in New York
and the terrorists around the world number into the millions, which tell us
there will never be any peace until a supernatural leader comes on the world
scene, and that supernatural leader is none other than our Lord Jesus Christ.

The world is in a complete mess. The people of the world are
struggling to come to terms with what to do against terrorism, but they have
failed to identify the true enemy who is Satan, who is out to destroy, kill and
wreck everybody's lives.

We thank God that our Lord Jesus Christ came for a different
reason altogether, and that was to bring life and life more abundantly.

John 10:10: "The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to
kill, and to destroy: (Jesus said) I am come that they might have life, and that
they might have it more abundantly."

Receive Jesus Christ as your Saviour. Humble yourself. Turn
away from sin and the enemy, Satan, and let the Lord become all in all, in your